Saturday, November 14, 2020

NayNay's Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! 

Now this might seem like a lot, as it has seemed like A LOT to me while putting it together over the last few weeks, but I tried to section it out to make it easier for you to browse. Here's my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!


$100 Probably the sweetest gift idea. It's a small wooden box with a screen inside and a heart on the exterior. When you have a message, the heart spins. The modern take on the love note. 

$130 A "smart mug" that has an app to help keep your beverage hot for as long as you want. Million dollar idea I wish was mine. Has been on my wishlist for a few years now. 

$100 A portable phone charger, laptop charger, car jumping contraption all in one. Apparently whenever someone receives this as a gift they claim its the gift they never knew they needed. 

$25 A stemless wine glass that keeps your wine cold even longer. And the unicorn color is a must for any gal in your life. 

$50 for 3 months. Do you know an avid reader? This is the gift for them. They can pick and choose their own books (and add on if they want) for 3 months. Fabulous quality hardcover books of the hottest books of the moment. Plus the link gives you $10 off!

$15 The top 100 most iconic movies of all times. Scratch off each one once you've seen it. Perfect for any movie buff you know. Or a great family gift to start a movie night tradition. 

$16 Pick your favorite city and snag this etched glass of your favorite city, complete with a grid of the city and city's name. 

$20 Stick them in the microwave before putting them on for some added warmth. 

$50+ Etsy for the win. How fabulous to have a custom painting of your home, whether it's your first home or forever home. We have 2 of these (our first and forever) and they hang in our family room. A perfect sentimental gift. 

$48 for two. Do you or someone you know lose their keys? Remote? Mind? It won't happen again with this! 

Great gift for a family that's spread out. Start with the gift recipient in the center and surround it with loved ones' locations. A map of hearts that's truly touching. OR take your favorite places your family has traveled together and forma  heart of those maps.


$119, on sale from $199. Doesn't every teenager want to put something on their ears to block out the world? I mean, I did when I was a teenager... 

$20 While it might not seem like a fun holiday gift, it's a great tool for teens and adults to have on hand. A simple alarm keychain as a precaution for those situations none of us want to be in. Comes in a set of 6. 

$100 Hello great gift idea! Let your teenager become his or her very own DJ! Simply connect it to this smartphone and they can mix and remix their own beats! 

$50 We have this and LUUUV it. Deep tissue or soft and gentle, this took massages your neck, back, and shoulders. Even has a car charging port to use in the car. 

$40 This clips onto anything, a backpack, a bike, you name it. They can use it inside, outside, wherever they want. 

$40 Does your teen like games? This will surely be a huge hit for them as your entire family! The most popular game to play in our household for game night as well as when we have friends over. Start them young with the junior edition too.

$40 All 8 movies in one collectors box. While I know you can pretty much stream every movie via Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, I think there's something special about a classic boxed set. 


$195 (on sale from $249) The be-all-end-all headphones everyone wants. 

$65 Yours, mine, and ours. Doesn't get more amusing than that. Ha ha. 

$32 A set of two beer glasses to keep in the freezer so he can always have that ice cold beer like at the bar when going to the bar isn't feasible. 

$25 A 3-in-1 charging station for your phone, air pods, and smart watch. 

$100 or $279 Depending on what your guy wants or needs, a SmartWatch and fitness tracker can earn you bonus points throughout the new year! 

$40 Take your wedding song, his favorite song, or a song that means a lot to him and have it made on a faux record to frame. A perfect gift for any music lover!

$100 My husband swears by his and we've given it as a gift numerous times. If your guy doesn't have one yet, snag this baby while you can. It's pliers, screwdriver, pocketknife, and more. 

$89 I bought these for my husband for his 30th and he's now 42. Still has them. Still awesome. Worth every penny. 


$80 Yeah, it's pricey. It goes on sale sometimes. But it's worth it. One of those gifts they can grow with and add on additional games and features. 

$129 NOW, this one is not for BIG KIDS. This is for kids 10 and under. Snag one and keep it in your basement or even on your porch to occupy the kids all winter and even all year! 

$17 (on sale, usually $24) These are a go to for keeping busy, for when the power goes out, for road trips or even just time in traffic. We keep a few in the car, a few at home, and they get used A LOT. 

$175+ Again, a pricey purchase, but it converts to a full size bed so it's great for company or sleepovers without buying furniture! Super fun and cozy and good for kids of all sizes, not just littles.

$120 For kids older than 7, this scooter lets them zoom around, but not TOO fast, without having to pedal. Where were these when we were kids?! 

$70 For the younger kids, this has been the most used outdoor toy in our home. 

$53 Set of 100 from Picasso Tiles (same as MagnaTiles but half the price) to keep kids of all ages happy and entertained. We first got them for my son when he was 2 and watching his creativity grow to now (he's almost 5) and loves them just as much as when he first got them! 

$13 Everyone needs a 1984 toy in their life in 2020. 

$30 & $12 This kit is HUGE and has 1500 pieces in it. PLENTY for any kid, or kids. Plus, this book gives guides for building basics with any Lego set. LOVE this, it's under our tree for my son. 

$79 (on sale from $199) A huge hit for kids and a fun find for under the tree. 

Whew! That was a lot but I hope it helps you and your holiday shopping!

And in case you didn't know, I make a small commission when you shop off of the links above. Thank you for supporting my little fun side gig and keeping me addicted to shopping deals for you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Shop Small Part 4: Homemade and Edible

I love supporting small businesses, especially those owned by those I know. 

This year, I am separating them into four categories to share with you all more easily. 

Part 1: Health and Wellness
Part 2: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories. 
Part 3: Kids and Family 
Part 4: Homemade and Edible 

I will share their business and link it to their website, a few tidbits and insight into them, and some top picks for holiday gifts. 

Welcome to Part 4: Homemade & Edible


Emily Love Leserman
IG: Makefoodlovely
FB: Make Food Lovely coming soon!!

When my oldest son was about a year old, I read an article that said that if you cut food into interesting shapes and make sure there are lots of bright colors on a plate, that kids are less likely to be picky eaters and will always be more interested in trying new foods. Well, I’m happy to say that three years later my son‘s favorite foods are: milk, white rice, and air. 

Obviously, it didn’t really work to expand his palate: but it did give me a new skill. 

In June, one of my very dear friends announced that he was moving to Colorado to start a new job at Colorado Children’s Hospital (I’m a pediatric audiologist in my real life). We all got together in the midst of a pandemic, to say goodbye. I thought it would be cute if I brought little cheese boxes for everyone. So, I got these little mini cupcake boxes and filled them with goodies. We met at a winery, and everyone absolutely loved these boxes. They all told me how much they would pay for one of the boxes if they were at a winery ordering something like this. It gave me pause, and made me realize that this was something people may be interested in: especially because I could make everything in boxes that would be a socially distance snack. That way people could continue to share food, albeit in driveways, around fire pits, or at a winery and/or park.

Over the next two weeks I looked into what was required in regards to licensing, becoming a qualified food operator, insurance, establishing LLC, etc: and I realized that this is something I really wanted to do. About a month later: Make Food Lovely LLC was born

Next week, on November 16th,  I celebrate my three month anniversary of being open. I cannot believe how much this business has grown, from the original idea I had. I have expanded the business to public and private parties (where it’s essentially like paint night where you create your own food board), gift cards for the holidays, grazing tables for larger events, and a few pop-ups.

This little side hustle brings me so much joy. I love the women I have met; who have supported me, or are doing the exact same thing within their own communities. My husband and I always say “we will stop when it stops being fun”. Well, I don’t see that happening for a very long time. I hope to be able to make lovely food for you all for years and years to come

Name: Jose Serrano
Business Name: Serrano Craft works
I have a ton of extremely artistic and talented women in my family, whom I’ve watched closely and there talented rubbed off on me. It’s very therapeutic to see something come together and know that you are the creator.

Name: Sarah May
Contact info:

Sarah creates original Lino cuts and uses them to hand print shirts, tea towels, hats, etc. She also turns her prints into stickers, washi tape, cards and a variety of other goods. Her work spreads positive messages which is something this world can definitely use right now.  

For my top three holiday choices from her shop I would say, her stickers, the 12 Days of Christmas ornaments, and her “Be a nice human”  tees and sweatshirts.

Each one of these hand crafted candles is made by Lauren Wenker, an active duty military wife. Lauren created Aweigh Candle Company in 2019. Her unique custom fragrance blends are hand poured in small batches, smell incredible, and are adorned with fun labels! The new 2020 holiday collection has launched! There are a variety of options: full-sized votives, sampler sets, wax melts, a gift set, a bonus bundle, and more! 

Lauren handles everything at Aweigh Candle Company.  She built the website, makes all of the products, the labels, takes all of the photos, ships the orders, answers all questions... you name it!  If you contact her, you will get her. This is a small business, run by one gal! 

Name - Jessica Kissane and Rishelle Notghi ( sisters)

Contact info/website -@dappleandgreycards

An overview of YOU and why you do what you do - 

Hi! My name is Jessica and I own dapple + grey with my sister Rishelle. She has a full-time job aside from our business as a graphic designer. She lived in Stamford for the past 12 years and finally moved back to the town we grew up in 2019. I stay at home with my 3-year-old twins. The idea for our business really came out of a place of me needing to find something to focus on as I had just experienced two miscarriages within a few months. Together, with my sisters design skills, and my experience in sales in marketing, we have made quite the team and a bigger business than I could have ever imagined. In Just over a year, we have over 100 designs for all occasions.

An overview of YOUR business and why you picked it -

We were taking part in a town-wide tag sale in 2019 and it was a last-minute idea to start selling some framed art. My sister had been working on some designs for her own apartment. When I threw out the idea that we could actually sell this stuff in 6 days at our sale she seemed to be on board so we went with it! And in just a few days we had a name (You can read more on our website about what our name means), a logo and about 20 designs or so. We worked day and night. Together we work on card ideas and networking opportunities with other businesses. Our cards are designed to be framed or to keep, not just your average throwaway card. Many of our cards have dedications on the back and some help raise money for organizations near and dear to our heart. We have loved meeting so many people in the community, customers who have now become friends. It always touches our heart when someone picks up a card and tells us why it spoke to them or why they are giving it to someone. This business has given me a purpose, other than being a mother, and has healed my heart. 

Name: Melissa Kolenda
FB Business page: Perfect Pieces of Dreams
Contact: Message through business page or personal page on FB.

I have always been creative and have had a love for crafts. My mom owned her own shop over 40 years ago, and passed that passion on to me. I love to create unique gifts for people and help their vision come to life. 

My business is making custom creations....anything from huge wall signs and wreaths, to personalized popsicle holders and personalized beach bags. I can personalize anything you want, but I really love when a customer sends me a picture of something they would love and I am able to create it with my own special touches. 

My top 3 holiday gifts are Personalized Ornaments, Elf Surveillance Cameras, and Personalized Elves. 

When Covid began, I dedicated my non-parenting time of quarantine to creating fluid art. I ended up becoming slightly [very] obsessed, and what began as selling my original artwork, has now transformed into a website with prints and gift items available in over 50 designs!

It has become truly therapeutic for me, not only to create the original pieces, but to share them with others to enjoy as well. To express myself in this creative process, and to then connect with others who are moved in some way by these pieces as well, has been an absolute joy in an otherwise grim year. For me, it's really about connection - me connecting to myself creatively, and then connecting with others in an authentic way.

My website is, and I am on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok @rockwellvibes. 

I love that you asked for small business owners to pick their top 3 holiday gifts, and I had a lot of fun going through and selecting these as mine:

I hope you've all enjoyed these incredible small businesses and when you decide to do your holiday shopping that these move to the top of your list! 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Shop Small Part 3: Kids & Family

I love supporting small businesses, especially those owned by those I know. 

This year, I am separating them into four categories to share with you all more easily. 

Part 1: Health and Wellness
Part 2: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories. 
Part 3: Kids and Family 
Part 4: Homemade and Edible 

I will share their business and link it to their website, a few tidbits and insight into them, and some top picks for holiday gifts. 

Welcome to Part 3: Kids & Family 

Overview: Jack Tar Togs was once the nation’s leading makers of sailor suits, and fine, classic sportswear for children and women, both dress and play. Founded in 1919, Jack Tar Togs helped to bring a revolution in children’s wear, making clothes that were durable enough for outside play, yet classic enough for visits to grandparents.
Alice Pollard acquired the historic American trademark in Sarasota, Florida in 2018, after seeing an old advertisement. Since then hundreds have recognized the revived brand in vintage Jack Tar Togs sailor suits in attics, and in treasured family portraits. She has concentrated on bringing back the brand online, with a fresh approach with everything from onesies to cable sweaters, in addition to the perennially popular sailor suit.
Contact Info:, 941-914-5504

Name: Jaclyn Pare
Contact info and/or website:
An overview of YOU and why you do what you do: 
I am a “boy mom” with three young sons and I am the creator of Brimmer Boys.  During naptime, preschool time and nighttime I design special occasion clothing to help moms dress their sons with a classic and effortless style. 
An overview of YOUR business and why you love it/picked it:  
Once I became a boy mom I struggled to find charming yet effortless clothing for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions.  Every time I tried to dress my boys we ended in a wrestling match. We were all grumpy and uncomfortable and this struggle motivated me to develop a solution. Through years of trial and error I designed a shirt with faux collar and cuffs.  Now, the boys are comfortable, everyone looks great and you nail the family photo. 

Your top 3 picks for holiday gift from your business:

Name: Chris Ragozzino 
I am a mom of 2 boys ages 7 and 6, and 2 furry children living in Cheshire, CT.  I'm proud to be celebrating 14 years in business at The Crate Escape.  Located in Wallingford, CT we are Central Connecticut's premier Dog Daycare and Overnight Boarding facility.  We offer Daycare, boarding, grooming and training.  The Crate Escape was my first baby and will always be my proudest accomplishment.  After years of boarding my own pets at sad and lonely kennels, I dreamt of a place where dogs WANTED to go, and owners felt good leaving knowing their precious pet was having fun. I treat each and every dog that walks through the doors as if it was my own and I take pride in providing quality care. After 14 years I'm still excited to go to work every single day.     
Top picks for a holiday gift?  
What's better than a gift card that can be used for ANY of our services 

Friday, November 6, 2020

Shop Small Part 2: Clothes, Jewelry, & Accessories

 I love supporting small businesses, especially those owned by those I know. 

This year, I am separating them into four categories to share with you all more easily. 

Part 1: Health and Wellness
Part 2: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories
Part 3: Kids and Family 
Part 4: Homemade and Edible 

I will share their business and link it to their website, a few tidbits and insight into them, and some top picks for holiday gifts. 

Welcome to Part 2: Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories

Naomi Rosenstein

Overview of you:
Ten years ago, I wanted a necklace I saw on television and decided to sign up to sell Stella & Dot because I wanted the necklace. In ten years, I've grown a personal business as well as a successful team. I am a former teacher and reading consultant and now stay home with my 4 year old son. I love being able to share my love of fashion and style with women looking to feel better about themselves. 

Overview of your business: 
Stella & Dot is a boutique style accessories company offering jewelry, bags, clothing, and skincare. I love what I do and enjoy being able to do it from home working part time around my family's life. 

Top 3 holiday picks:
Halo stud set (a set of versatile studs) 
Getaway bag (my go to bag for an overnight or weekend trip, the gym, and everything in between)
Personalized charm necklace or bracelet 

Leslie Rumanoff DeStefano, Co-Owner/ Vice President of Sales at Rumanoff's Fine Jewelry 

Description of your business:  
We are a 4th generation family run and operated full service jewelry store.  I am partners with my brother Doug, father Mike and Uncle Steve and we absolutely love what we do.  We pride ourselves on serving our community on the basis of trust, integrity and value and are honored to help our customers find the perfect gift for any and every occasion. We try our hardest to make jewelry buying fun and truly want you leaving feeling like part of our family. Side note: We have a bar in our that says a lot right there haha.  We do it all from watch batteries, custom design, engraving, pandora charms to engagement and wedding bands in all price ranges and styles.  We try to have something for everyone!

How did you get involved in your business?
Ever since I was little, I would beg to visit my dad, uncle and grandfather at work and absolutely loved playing dress up and seeing all of the beautiful jewelry.  As soon as I was able, I started working part time from 2001 through high school and during my summers while in college.  The summer heading into my senior year, I truly embraced the business, went on a few business trips, and fell even more in love with everything the jewelry industry had to offer.  I loved meeting new people and having the opportunity to help with such symbolic and meaningful gifts all while getting to work side by side with my family.  I knew this is where I belonged and what I was destined to do.  After graduating from Roger Williams University in 2009, I joined the business full time to help continue my family's legacy. Here we are 11 years later, and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Top 3 picks for gifts: 
Fingerprint jewelry starting at $150. There is an app to scan your child’s fingerprint!
Tacori initials starting at $190 with diamonds
Tiffany Jazelle Hand made in the cape bracelets. They start at $28


An overview of YOU and why you do what you do:
I am a self taught, part time, fiber artist. Project manager by day and designer at all the other hours of the day. Sewcialite began as a hobby/creative outlet that organically became a side hustle/small business. 

An overview of YOUR business and why you picked it:
I stumbled upon fiber art 3 years ago accidentally. I made myself a rope basket for my home and I loved it so much I just kept experimenting and I haven’t looked back. 
I create bags, and baskets out of ordinary clothesline rope. I weave the rope with fabrics, bead it and paint it. Most  recently I began beading earrings. 

Cinderella’s Attic

I get the awesome pleasure of looking through people’s clothing and jewelry treasures to curate a thoughtful inventory for my community of lovely customers. It’s been an honor to pick and choose for the past 15 years. Everyday is different and it never gets old! I’m such a lucky person to love what I do. 

Top 3 holiday: 
Gift certificates (duhhh!)
A thoughtful cozy pic! Does your sister love cozy cashmeres? An aunt who collects hats? Loved and lived in jeans for your cool teen?

Jessica Wetmore
Or on instagram @thebraceletladyct

My Why: I am the mom of two very energetic little girls who keep me very busy. Being a mom has been the most challenging and rewarding role I've ever had. That being said, I love a good hobby to wind down with at the end of the day and to keep me connected to my pre-kid self.

I grew up watching my mom, a jack of all trades, sew, paint, bake and do a variety of different hands on hobbies. In middle school, I made my first quilt. I found my love for pottery in high school and by the time I bought my first cricut in my mid 20s, I was in the throes of my papercrafting obsession.  Crafting has always been an amazing outlet for my creative energies and I love to learn new things that challenge and inspire me. Most of all, I love to make things that other love and that bring a smile to their face!

My Business: Quarantine has been tough!! I was on the hunt for something to keep my 6 year old and I busy during all of our down time and I came across a little beading kit. Turns out my 6 year old didn't have the patience for it, but I loved it! Ive always been told to do what you love, so here we are! I made my first stack for my friend to celebrate her second pregnancy. On a whim I shared it on instagram to see if anyone else was interested in one and the idea just took off. People began reaching out for custom orders and it brings me so much joy to bring a vision to life for someone. I guess I can't really say that I picked this business, but that it picked me! 

Name: Devon Zukowski
Devon Zukowski on FB (I totally work off my public Facebook page)

I'm a stay at home, homeschooling mom of three and love the flexibility of a direct sales job. The community of women are so encouraging and have become fast friends that encourage and want me to win! (And I want the same for them!)

Toribelle cosmetics is the fastest growing direct sales company out there and we have the original magnetic liner and lash system!
I picked them because of the proven training they give- I have never seen such explosive growth with a company before. Our product is hot and people want these lashes. Plus, they are easy and stay on all day! 

My top three pics for the holidays are:
1. A Lash and Liner bundle with our Shake It Off remover and plastic applicator.
2. Our BRAND NEW magnetic clutch with two blendable and buildable wet to dry foundation shades.
3. Stark Naked eyeshadow palette

Emmie Zakoscielny

Shopping Link:

EZ Nails with Emmie VIP Group on Facebook

I am Emmie Zakoscielny and I am an independent Color Street Stylist.  I am in my 20th year of public school music teaching. I teach 500 kids a week between two K-2 elementary schools in Enfield, CT.  I am married to an amazing man (Dave) and have an incredible IVF miracle boy (Elliott) who is 2.5!  My family is really important to me and I want to spend as much time with them as possible. I was never one to paint my own nails and I really just made a mess when I tried. Occasionally, I would go to the salon but it was expensive and time consuming. A year ago some teachers in my school started wearing Color Street and it turned into something fun we could all talk about! I was thrilled to be able to do my own salon-quality manicures and pedicures for a fraction of the price and time. I was buying nails so often that I decided to start selling Color Street in June of 2020.  I figured why not get a discount on a product I was already buying.

So, what makes Color Street life changing?  They are US made dry nail strips with various designs and colors so there is something for everyone! The strips are made of real nail polish but are dry when you put them on so there’s no dry time and no smudging. You also don’t need any special tools and they can be removed with nail polish remover. The best part is they typically last 7-10 days! You can use one color on all of your nails, you can mix packages to create a mixed mani or you can layer strips that are clear with designs/glitter over your favorite solid or glitter.  Nail sets range from $11-$14.  All sets on the website are Buy 3 Get 1 Free except for the French manicures which are Buy 1 Get 1 Free! When doing a B3G1 free there is no limit so you could buy 6 and get 2 more free or buy 9 and get 3 free.  Don’t forget to add your free set(s) to your cart.  These would make great gifts for your friends, family, colleagues, child’s teachers and daycare providers.  If you think you have friends who would also love this product I can set up an online party for you to earn nail sets for free!  If you are already obsessed with Color Street I would love for you to join my Color Street team and you can start earning some extra cash for the holiday season!

If you’re looking to purchase holiday gifts I would recommend some of our most popular sets: Glittersweet, Tokyo Lights or New York Minute. Glittersweet is a clear nail with gorgeous tiny bits of holographic glitter and is part of our Holiday 2020 collection! You can wear it alone or over your favorite solid color. Tokyo Lights is the little black dress of Color Street. It is a pink gold glitter with fuchsia and holographic sparkles. This set tends to match everything and is picked often for fancy events like weddings.  New York Minute is another favorite of mine.  It is a darker purple that looks more solid but in the sunlight it has a slight sparkle to it. It is another gorgeous color to add to anyone’s collection!  Check out my link on the Color Street website to see what is in stock. They have been restocking out of stock sets every day (Monday-Friday). I also have a lot of on hand inventory so if there is something you are looking for that is not in stock I may have it available to purchase. Join my Facebook VIP group for deals and giveaways too! Your purchase will help my family pay bills during this tough time and I can’t thank you enough for your support!  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out!