Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gallery Wall Addition

How exciting to be able to FINALLY add a gallery wall to our hallway?! 

So, being honest, I've been debating this decor addition to our hallway but have been putting it off for {cough cough} six years because I could never find affordable frames that I liked AND that I could customize to be the size and shape that I want AND that didn't have glass fronts (because, hello, children in my home and tile floors) AND that were *exactly* what I wanted. You feel me. I know you do. 

Enter Frame It Easy. This company people, seriously. You pick the size of your art or picture. You pick your size and style of frame. You pick your choice of matting. You pick your choice of cover. AND, if you want, you can even upload your prints directly to their site and they do it all for you! HOLLA! 

I started with a blank wall, like we all do. And I did this brilliant thing where I took a piece of paper and printed XXX on it for where the nail would go and started mapping out my wall. 

It took me a week or so to get the layout exactly how I wanted. And that my husband would agree upon. A little left, a little right, a little more space between them. You know how it goes, am I right?! 

And then I picked prints. THIS was HARD. I decided on a 3 X 3 gallery wall which meant 9 prints. And while the idea of taking all 9 from a photoshoot I did with a friend, I wanted it to be a good assortments of moments to remember. We walk by this wall 100 times a day. Easily. So in looking at them I wanted prints that reminded me of moments I love. Of moments WE love. 

I also struggled (a LOT) with whether to do black and white or color. I love the look of cohesive colors but was worried the prints I picked wouldn't mesh. So I went with black and white. While ordering the prints, they just seemed like they were missing something. missing a punch, some warmth. So I quickly last minute changed and did a sepia filter on all of them and could not be happier! 

 Walking down the starts in morning and glancing over the banister, we see some highlights of our lives here. The celebration of our son being born, our favorite vacation EVER to Bermuda, the selfie of when we closed on our forever home, a date night, smiles in the flower fields, and just overall HAPPINESS.

Frame It Easy was simple and easy to work with and while they are affordable, the quality is on point. All of the frames are hard wood, they're made in the US, and the little details just add that special touch. The acrylic in the frames is double coated in sheer plastic so you're guaranteed safe arrival and no scratches during shipment. All frames have padding on all four corners so there's no knocking against the wall from a child running by or a gust of wind with the windows open. 

It just completely brightens our hallway and entryway. Everyone who has come by since I installed it has said something. My toddler said it best when he came home from preschool, opened the door, noticed it and said "Whoa!" 

Thank you, Frame It Easy, for this amazing collaboration and I can't wait to add more to the rest of my house! 

Want to try them out for yourself? Simply use code NAOMI for 10% off your purchase! 

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The Mom Trifecta

I'm pretty sure you know exactly what I'm talking about but you've never been able to identify it. Or know what it's called. So I'm naming it for you right here, right now. You can thank me later. 

The Mom Trifecta

That beautiful relationship we ALL want with that amazing mom friend where the moms get along well, the dads get along well, and the kids get along well. And no one in the trifecta is a brat or an asshole. Seems easier than it is, doesn't it?! Well, it isn't. Trust me on this. 
Let's break it down. 

Before becoming a mom, all I wanted was mom friends. Making mom friends is like being in high school all over again. You think, hey, you just went through what I just went through therefore and had your body completely mangled to give birth to another human being, we have that common bond. Right? WRONG-O! Not all moms are the welcoming moms. Not all moms need friends.  Also, not all moms want 'new' friends. They want their old pre-mom friends and don't want to welcome anyone new into their group. Sound familiar? Sound like high school all over again? Well, it is. 

I was convinced that I'd join a baby music class or a sign language class or be strolling along the trail one day and there she'd be. In all her glory. THE mom friend. My new bestie. Surround by twinkling lights and her hair blowing perfectly in the breeze. {important to note: her messy bun would be blowing in the breeze and she'd still be in a nursing bra even though she was done nursing eight months ago because she was a hot mess just like me!} But then reality set in and that just wasn't happening. It was going to take work. Hard work. It was like being the new kid in school all over again and trying to see who meshed with you. Going into the cafeteria to sit down and pulling out a chair only to be told "you can't sit here" alllll over again. Ugh. Drama even in my late-30s.  

So, out we went. My son and I. Testing the waters, stroller bootcamp, music class, story time at the library, you name it, we were there. Out and about looking for members of my new tribe. I knew they were out there, I just had to find them. But boy, did it take work! It took trial and error. It took classes upon classes upon classes. BUT...

Eventually, I found them. THOSE friends. Those friends everyone wants to have. The ones who you know have your back. The ones who love your kid like they're your own. The ones who bring mimosas to the 9am playdate. The ones who you can text at 8am because you already are done with the day. The ones whose shoulder you can cry on and will listen and not judge. Yeah, THOSE moms. We clicked. We connected. My tribe was formed. 

But what came next was what I deem the "Mom Trifecta". 

Our kids get along + We get along + Our husbands get along = TRIFECTA

Hugs all around! 

The odds of that happening are slim to none. I mean, lets face it. That's hard. That's a lot of personalities, that's a lot of opinions, different parenting styles, different schedules, different rules and routines, different political views, that's just a LOT. I mean, really, it IS a LOT. 

Having a mom friend who gets you and you get her back is hard enough in and of itself. I mean, if you're a woman reading this, you're likely nodding and saying in your head "yup, totes get that!" Then factor in your kids getting along. And as babies is one thing but growing up together and surviving toddlerhood is a whole other ballgame people. Having those mom friends AND keeping those mom friends is work. But those trifecta relationships are SO worth it. 

But when you find it, relish in it. And enjoy it. Because you might only have one or two of those trifectas. But in all honesty, that's all you really need. I mean, when you want to get together to go out, it often takes WEEKS for schedules to mesh with one another. So imagine if there's four or five in your trifecta trying to get together. Ain't gonna happen.

I am so fortunate to know I have my very own Trifecta. We mesh. All of us. Our kids mesh well. The moms get along well, And the husbands can sit around and chat and there's no awkward feeling that someone is the odd man out. It's amazing when the stars align like that, isn't it?! 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Month 3 of #noshop19

Just in case you were wondering how my no shopping challenge is going, I am presently 98 days of being shopping free. Yup. So far, so good.

AND I will add that not only have I gone 98 days without shopping for myself (I did buy my son two new pair of spring/summer shoes and my husband a pair of new jeans) but I have been VERY successful in purging as well.

Over 25 bags of clothes, shoes, accessories, and household items have left my home either to consignment or to be donated AND I have been rocking my Poshmark (@naomiperk) account too.

So tell me, did you think I'd make it this far??

Monday, April 8, 2019

You CAN Sit With Me

This week I got denied for the 6th time by rewardStyle (and don’t even ask why I kept applying because I don’t have an answer other than a part of me thinks I *might* be cool enough...) 

My feed isn’t cohesive enough. I don’t have enough to offer. I don’t converse enough with people or share what they’re looking for. I’m not tall, I’m not thin, I don’t always take perfect selfies or filter my pictures. My feed isn’t full of bright whites and light. According to them, I am inadequate. Geez, thanks. 

I think I look pretty good for almost 41. Just sayin. 

But... You know what it does? It makes me feel like I’m in high school all over again. I envision some random person sitting in a cubicle scrolling feeds of applicants going “not cool nope. not pretty nope. oooh tall thin and pretty yes. people want to look and talk and be like you, yes.” It makes me have that feeling in the pit of my stomach like I did in high school questioning why no one wanted to sit with me or why I wasn’t invited to a party. It has that affect on me now as an adult, and on others in the same shoes too. 

But then I scroll the LTK page of tags. And everyone looks the same. They talk the same. They tag the same things. They have you swipe up for their shirt, pants, shoes, lipstick, underwear, even their type of tampons sometimes. They don’t stand out. So why have I kept wanting to be a part of it?! I wish I had the answer. What I’ve concluded is it’s mean girls through and through. As women, we want to be included. We want to be popular. We want to have friends. We want people to like us. 

But in my almost 41 years I have concluded this: I’d rather have 10 TRUE friends than 10,000 I couldn’t depend on. I’d rather have a core group of women who have the same views and opinions and are REAL and relatable than second guessing myself as to how to fit in because they make me feel inferior or like an outsider. Which brings me to social media: I’d rather have minimal followers who enjoy this ride I call life instead of 22,000 followers who sit back and judge or who are bots in China. I’ve made some great friends from IG and I am grateful for that. But this is more than a highlight reel... this is REAL LIFE.

Thanks for sticking with me.