Friday, June 21, 2019

Fashion Friday: The Striped Tee

Welcome to Fashion Friday: Real Style for Real Life

Join me and my friend Claire from Home With The Wileys as we each take the same item from our closet and style it 5 different ways with items we already own. Because, let's face it, as moms we shop more for our kids anyways. Dive on into your closet with us - I'm pretty sure we'll all find some buried treasure! 

Our reasoning behind this was simple: we were always looking for outfit inspiration from REAL MOMS like us. Not trendy, not those who constantly shop for new things or who have the next best find from Target, but for the moms who are running around, living in the moment, but who also want to look cute and put together in those moments. Ya feel me?! I figured. 

So, each week we will pick one basic wardrobe staple and style it 5 different ways and not only share with each other, but with you too! 

Here's our first one, a basic, classic striped tee
Now, mind you, while I probably have a dozen plain, striped long sleeve striped tees, my short sleeve ones all have either embellishments or ruffles. So, my striped tee this week is my go-to JCrew favorite with ruffled sleeves. 

Outfit #1: Running errands and out and about in my day-to-day routines

You'll likely see me wearing this once a week. Ain't no shame in my game. It's easy, it's simple, it's cute, and I look put together while not wearing pajamas. 
I snagged these Gap cutoff shorts on crazy sale a few years ago and while these Target sandals are also a few years old, check your local store for something similar. It's summer, I'm sure they have something like this! 

Plus, we CAN NOT forget adding a pop of style to your bag. My JackTartogs silk scarf is the perfect something special to add a pop! 

Outfit #2: A fun date night outfit 

Don't be afraid to mix patterns! Stripes look great with a print if you're willing to try it! Trust me, I won't steer you wrong. 

I LOVE pairing a stripe with a Lilly Pulitzer print. My good friend Brittney made me this skirt (she actually made me 3 different printed skirts!) with retired Lilly fabric and I couldn't love them more. Pair a fun printed skirt or shorts with your basic stripe, slip on some nice flats or sandals, and grab a neutral clutch and head out the door. 

This clutch is from EmmaLyn Designs and I cannot recommend her pieces enough. I have 4 personalized unique pieces and you can grab your own at her site for 10% off with code NAOMIPERK 

Outfit #3: A chilly summer night (I don't wear pants often in summer) 

I love wearing my straw fedroa with this outfit too! I will freely admit that these joggers are maternity pants and my son is three and a half. With that being said, I love them, they're super comfortable and flattering, and they don't have a belly band so no one would EVER know otherwise. This look is super simple, feels like pajamas, and is easy to wear just about anywhere. 
If you have not jumped on the Birkenstock train, I don't know what you're waiting for. I was you. Yes. I refused to jump on this train for almost my entire life. But I caved last year and cannot recommend these sandals enough. 
My crossbody bag has been through trips, dropped in puddles, tossed in and out of cars for years, and even dragged across a field by a toddler yet has stood the test of time. It's definitely an investment piece, but worth it thru and thru. 

Outfit #4: A lunch date, trip to the movies, or an afternoon at a vineyard

Again. Pattern mixing. Don't. Be. Afraid. It's ok. It's doable. I can do it and you can too. 

These windowpane paperbag shorts were in my TrunkClub last year and were an easy YES when I opened the box. They come with a matching ribbon tie-belt that I sometimes wear but since my tee covers the belt area I removed it for this look. 
Some of you might be thinking this is pattern overload. But it's not! And it all "goes" together too. Stripes + windowpane + camo = WIN! 
Like my shoes? They're Rothys. They're amazing. And worth every penny, I swear. 

Outfit #5: Amusement park or the trampoline park or the zoo 

I am usually wearing a baseball cap with this look! 

I struggled GREATLY with getting on the cutoff shorts train and am glad my friend Brandi MADE me buy these shorts. They're like butter and super soft and comfy and they have some stretch to them, so when you were them to the amusement park and eat fried Oreos, they still fit. Seriously. You know you do it too. 

Pop on some cute sneakers (tell me you have Converse, doesn't everyone?!), that crossbody bag we all love and beat to crap, toss on a baseball cap, and head out the door for a day of fun! 

These are just 5 ways I'd style my favorite striped tee. And you can use these as a guide for your own striped tee, whether it's plain or embellished or even a graphic tee! Think of stripes as a neutral and you'll be golden! 

Here's a few more ways I'd style my striped tee:

- A striped tee with white jeans, a denim jacket, some colorful statement earrings, and wedge sandals for a fun summery date night look.

- A striped tee, white or olive shorts, a chambray shirt worn open, a fun pair of sandals, and a cute fedora or straw hat. A great look for an evening on the beach or for a BBQ. 

- A striped tee, a pair of dark jeans, colored flats, and a fun printed summer scarf and you're all set for dinner out on the town! 

- A striped tee, linen or chambray pants, sandals, and a cute fedora and say hello to drinks on the water. 

- A striped tee, white jeans, and a flowy cardigan. Choose a similar colored striped cardigan or even a floral one and toss on some cute sandals for a lunch date. 

- A striped tee, a summer blazer, nice white shorts, and a pair of Jacks to be completely preppy and polished. 

Honestly, the list could go on. So here's my top tip: when you're standing in your closet and go to grab a basic white/grey/black tee, reach for that striped shirt instead and add a little pop of style to a basic look instead. You'll thank me, I'm sure. 

Please join us next Friday for our next #fridayfashion 
Any ideas what our closet staple will be next?? 

Monday, June 10, 2019

Toddler Car Must Haves

I recently discovered BabyLum, a company specializing in baby and toddler products that every mom (and family) needs! 

I've used two of their products so far and love both of them! 

1. Car Mirror 

Allow me to elaborate my love for this. 
- It is TWICE the size of any mirror I have found for my car. TWICE. 

- It is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Oh - and diagonally! So move it 150,000 different ways until you get the perfect fit. 

- You can buy it on amazon and have it before you blink. 

- It comes with a baby on board sign, 2 sun shades, and a seat protector. Seriously. It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. 

- I can see my entire back seat. ENTIRE. BACK. SEAT. 

2. Car Seat Protector 

This car seat protector SHOULD have been in my life about 3 years ago but better late than never, right?! Say buh-bye to gross seats from snacks and buggers and other toddler junk and hello to my car being protected! AND it comes with a kickpad protector (with pockets!) for the passenger seat of my car. 

Check out all of the other items BabyLum has to offer on Amazon and on their website too! 

*This post has been sponsored by BabyLum. 

Thursday, May 30, 2019

I Didn't Cheat, I Swear

So, as the title says, I didn't cheat, I swear. 

Allow me to explain.... 

For those new here (hi and welcome!) I gave up shopping for myself for 2019 as a New Year's resolution. Dumbest thing I've ever done, to be clear. It. Is. SO. Damn. Effing. Hard. Seriously. 

I am a shopper. It's what I'm known for. Heck, it's what I live for. 

When making this resolution, I gave myself a few exceptions. 
1. I could still buy myself necessities and if I ran out of something I use, I could replace it. 
2. While not shopping, I was also going to spend the year purging my home (closets, basement, you name it) and getting rid of nonsensical things just taking up space. 
3. I had a wish list of things I could get if I found them for a good deal and I gave myself time to think and wasn't impulsive. 
4. If I had credits, coupons, or rewards to shop technically "for free" than it wasn't considered shopping since I wasn't spending money. 
5. At the end of each month, if i went the entire month without shopping for myself, I could reward myself with a little something off of my wishlist. 

Now, I know most people do this to save the environment and be less wasteful and focus on more sustainable brands. But I will be brutally honest here, more power to them. I want to do all those things, but sometimes I want something fun and frivolous and sustainable brands can cost a pretty penny. 

So, wondering why I didn't technically cheat. Well, you might think I did but after discussing with two of my advisors, they both agreed this wasn't cheating. 

I have wanted a sequin blazer foreverrrrr. I mean forever. I blame my friend Jenn who showed up to a fashion show in a sequin blazer, white tee, jeans, and fun heels and looked AMAZING. So, this is her fault. Ha! 

I received an email from ThredUp that I had a coupon code to come back for 40% off an item. It didn't tempt me. I then got an email that same day from them letting me know I had credit in my account that was about to expire if I didn't use it by month end. So, I went on their site and searched for a sequin blazer. And sure enough, one I had "loved" a while ago was back in stock! So, I clicked on it, applied my code and credits, and was left owing 53 cents. 

Yes, 53 cents. 

Would you spend 53 cents on this?! 

Now, you might be shaking your head and thinking to yourself, "No, Naomi, you were doing SO great! You totally blew it." But, I didn't. See reason number 5. I have gone five FULL months without shopping for myself. And here I am trying to justify my 53 cent purchase to myself. Obviously, I'm doing amazingly well in this challenge as most people wouldn't even flinch. 

But I spent serious thought dwelling on this and decided to go for it with these reasons:
1. It's less than a dollar. 53 cents. LITERALLY 53 cents out of pocket. 
2. I could have found that amount of change in the seats of my car or on the ground of a parking lot. 
3. It's less money than a lottery ticket and that's just flushing money down the toilet. 

Now give it to me straight, do you think I cheated and blew my resolution? Or is it a justified purchase based on my rules. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Gallery Wall Addition

How exciting to be able to FINALLY add a gallery wall to our hallway?! 

So, being honest, I've been debating this decor addition to our hallway but have been putting it off for {cough cough} six years because I could never find affordable frames that I liked AND that I could customize to be the size and shape that I want AND that didn't have glass fronts (because, hello, children in my home and tile floors) AND that were *exactly* what I wanted. You feel me. I know you do. 

Enter Frame It Easy. This company people, seriously. You pick the size of your art or picture. You pick your size and style of frame. You pick your choice of matting. You pick your choice of cover. AND, if you want, you can even upload your prints directly to their site and they do it all for you! HOLLA! 

I started with a blank wall, like we all do. And I did this brilliant thing where I took a piece of paper and printed XXX on it for where the nail would go and started mapping out my wall. 

It took me a week or so to get the layout exactly how I wanted. And that my husband would agree upon. A little left, a little right, a little more space between them. You know how it goes, am I right?! 

And then I picked prints. THIS was HARD. I decided on a 3 X 3 gallery wall which meant 9 prints. And while the idea of taking all 9 from a photoshoot I did with a friend, I wanted it to be a good assortments of moments to remember. We walk by this wall 100 times a day. Easily. So in looking at them I wanted prints that reminded me of moments I love. Of moments WE love. 

I also struggled (a LOT) with whether to do black and white or color. I love the look of cohesive colors but was worried the prints I picked wouldn't mesh. So I went with black and white. While ordering the prints, they just seemed like they were missing something. missing a punch, some warmth. So I quickly last minute changed and did a sepia filter on all of them and could not be happier! 

 Walking down the starts in morning and glancing over the banister, we see some highlights of our lives here. The celebration of our son being born, our favorite vacation EVER to Bermuda, the selfie of when we closed on our forever home, a date night, smiles in the flower fields, and just overall HAPPINESS.

Frame It Easy was simple and easy to work with and while they are affordable, the quality is on point. All of the frames are hard wood, they're made in the US, and the little details just add that special touch. The acrylic in the frames is double coated in sheer plastic so you're guaranteed safe arrival and no scratches during shipment. All frames have padding on all four corners so there's no knocking against the wall from a child running by or a gust of wind with the windows open. 

It just completely brightens our hallway and entryway. Everyone who has come by since I installed it has said something. My toddler said it best when he came home from preschool, opened the door, noticed it and said "Whoa!" 

Thank you, Frame It Easy, for this amazing collaboration and I can't wait to add more to the rest of my house! 

Want to try them out for yourself? Simply use code NAOMI for 10% off your purchase!