Sunday, July 14, 2019

Not Shopping Is HARD

I'm not going to lie. If I could go back in time and NOT do this resolution, I would. This is harder than anything I have ever done before.
Feel free to think I'm being overdramatic. But I'm not. Take a step back and think about it.

My New Year's resolution is to not shop for myself. I was totally inspired by Meg Hall and she's got a group of people working hard it too. But dang it's HARD. 

Now, I can still shop for my husband and son but nothing for me unless it is a necessity and nothing for my home unless it is a necessity.

Here's what I miss the most:

1. The thrill of the hunt.

I love a good find. I mean, today, I wore my $19.99 Lilly Pulitzer romper that I scored at the warehouse clearance sale last year and had an extra pep in my step because of the great deal that it was! It's like a drug. The hunt. The high of a great find. The rush you get from the discovery. It's like an addiction. Holla atcha girl if you feel me.  

2. The random fun find at Target.

Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to go to Target and ONLY get what's on your list? I mean, when you do it, you should walk out the doors and get a high five form someone. Right?! I miss the fun graphic tee, the cute discovery in the dollar spot, a new lip balm, some fun sandals, people, I could go on for ages. Target is my love language. 

3. Wandering aimlessly through HomeGoods or TJMaxx.

One of the items on the top of my list when I have alone time (because as a WAHM of a toddler that happens SO often) is wandering aimlessly through HomeGoods of TJMaxx. Some cute new napkins, a new plant, a pretty basket, a fun new dress. This just doesn't happen right now because temptation is STRONG there. And I mean STRONG. 

4. An afternoon of outlet digging.

Last week, while on vacation with friends, the moms all spent the day hitting up the outlets. Damn y'all, it was HARD. No shopping for me. At. All. It sucked. I got my son a few things he needed and my husband had a list that I checked off almost all of it. And to see how strong I really was, I found my FAVORITE dress I own in a different color, in my size, on INSANE sale, and I DI NOT BUY IT. I deserve a medal. Someone bring me one. 

5. Something NEW.

It's the drug. It's a high. It gives you a little more confidence and excitement. You stand up straighter. You do. I swear. And boy do I miss that. A lot. 

BUT. Here's what I've learned. 

1. I have plenty of stuff. I have enough clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup and beauty products. I have enough towels, dishes, party supplies, books, you name it. I truly have enough. 

2. We are a generation of consumers. We LOVE to shop. And the instant gratification we seem to crave is SUPER common and runs within us all. 

3. Stop and think before you buy DRASTICALLY improves the quality of what you're buying and bringing into your home. Seriously. I was a BIGTIME impulsive shopper and would always fear FOMO if I didn't snag that hot item with everyone else. But guess what? Taking a step back and REALLY thinking about that purchase oftentimes ends with not purchasing it. 

4. I have inspired a lot of people with this. And for that, my heart is happy. I am glad others can gain insight into their shopping habits from this learning experience. 

Do you think I'll make it til the end?? 

Friday, July 12, 2019

Fashion Friday: Summer Dresses

#fashionfriday this week is all about simplicity and easy-breezy! 
Is there anything easier than a dress? NOPE. Don't think so. No need to worry about matching a top and a bottom. No need to button and zip the fly. No need to worry about a waistband either! It's a total win in my book which is why I have more dresses in my closet than any other item of clothing. Ain't no shame in my dress game. 


Everyone needs a t-shirt dress. Everyone. If you don't have one, go get one now and come back to thank me. Because you will. Old Navy has great ones but I'm a sucker for Jcrew and the little details they add to theirs, like this little ruffle on the sleeves. 

Outfit #2: DATE NIGHT

The dress. Y'all. This. Dress. I cannot even put into works my love for this dress. The popped collar. The seersucker. The fit and flare style. The pockets. The tie-waist bow. The list could go on and on. But I won't. I will say that last week while hitting up the outlets on our beach vacation (no, I did not buy anything for myself) the Vineyard Vines outlet had this dress in pink seersucker and only one and it was in my size. And it was $40. I stood there, totally tempted in purchasing it because I LOVE THIS DRESS so much. I did NOT give into temptation and left it on the rack. And believe me I have SERIOUS non-buyers remorse. I hope that you have a dress in your closet that makes you feel like a million bucks like this dress does for me. 

Outfit #3: BBQ or DAY DATE

Yes, I cheated. This is not a dress. It's a romper. But it's one of my go-to pieces for summer I couldn't NOT include it in this #fashionfriday edition. Everytime I wear it, at least one person comments on how bright I am but guess what? I'm bright both inside and out. So there. 

Outfit #4: NO REASON

I would wear this dress just about anywhere. Running errands with flip flops, out to dinner with Jacks, even to a summer wedding with heels and fun jewelry.  A basic chambray dress with a little twist - that ruffled high collar. No need to add anything to it, although I wear it in the fall with my class schoolboy navy blue blazer. This dress highlights a BIG fashion tip I like to follow: pick a classic piece with just a little fun twist to it. The ruffle collar is the fun twist to this classic chambray dress. 

Outfit #5: BEACH DAY

A perk of being short? A tunic that doubles as a dress. Yup. I admit it. Totally and completely. This tunic was one of my favorite StitchFix finds ever and I couldn't pass it up when it came in my box a solid 4 years ago. I mean, come on, seersucker, a deep v-neck, navy and red embroidery, it screams Trina Turk meets Tory Burch meets JCrew and then some!

Claire and I are SO happy you all continue to join us for #fashionfriday chronicles and we'd love to hear from you. Comment below or send me a message or find me on the IG. And don't forget to head over to Claire and check out her stylish summer dresses!  

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Giver, The Receiver, and The Taker

You're probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about. 

Allow me to explain. 

I have discovered in my 40 years on this earth that people are either the giver, the receiver, or the taker. 

The Giver

You give and give give and give. And it makes you feel complete. And happy. And fulfilled. Whether it's the shirt off your back, the feelings in your heart, the prayers in your soul, or the time you can spare. You give. You're the giver. 

The Receiver 

You love receiving. Receiving gifts, compliments, time with your friends, hugs, encouragement, you're the receiver. And you are ever-so-thankful and grateful for those who gift to you. 

The Taker

You take. You don't receive. You don't give. You suck from others what you want without the slightest concern or second guess of how or why it is happening. You just do it. 

I have all of the three types. I have friends who are givers. They just love to give. Would literally give the shirt off of their back if needed. I have the receivers. They just love to receive something. My time, my effort, my energy, my heartfelt gift-giving. They just love and are grateful as a receiver. Then there are the takers. Those who suck and bleed me dry of my energy, my time, and my patience. 

So tell me, which are you? And who do you allow into your friend circle? 

Friday, July 5, 2019

Fashion Friday: White Shorts

Thanks for stopping by for the third round of #fashionfriday with me and my friend Claire from Home with the Wileys. We're loving this challenge and hope you all are too! 

This week, in honor of summer and how crazy hot it's been this week, we're styling white shorts. What I love about this is you can take it so many ways. My go-to white shorts are my Gap cut offs while Claire's are a fun pair of paperbag shorts. Both technically white shorts but completely different. And I love how you can take what we're each wearing and switch the shorts with a classic pair of white shorts to be dressier or even a distressed pair to be more laidback. 


White on white. I'm brave. Or dumb. Or both. But there's something just clean and classic about white on white. I actually LOVE white on white in fall with this tunic, white skinny jeans, camel mules and a camel flowy drapey cardigan. I feel like it's just clean cut and classic. The cutoff shorts of this look makes me more casual but my "nice" white shorts and this top I'd wear with wedges to be more dressy! 


Lilly is my jam. Lilly goes with everything. And makes everything better. Bright colors always make everything better. Plus, it's just a tank and cutoff shorts yet I appear SO put together even though I likely just rolled out of bed and threw this on. 

Outfit #3: MOM LIFE

Does this outfit really need any description?! Didn't think so. Heck, I'm not even wearing shoes. 

Outfit #4: DATE NIGHT 

A pop of color shoe makes any and every outfit step up to the next level. And Rothy's always do that. Whether it's an orange pair, a yellow pair, a camo pair, or even hot pink. Take a basic top (like this OLD Loft top) and pair with basic white shorts and the pop of color shoe and we're put together over here! #winning


This hat. This classic Jcrew fedora. She's my jam. She's my bestie. You'll see me wearing her often. Daily. And this tank is on major repeat because I hang out with Claire a lot and, well, #theresaroseforthat is her signature hashtag and I'm all for it. 

And yes, I often hide from my family. And I always look cute when I'm doing it. 

And regardless of your feelings, you CAN wear white year-round. That white-only-until-Labor-Day rule is out the window!