Monday, November 12, 2018

Must Eat Monday: L'Orcio, New Haven

Restaurant week, how do I love thee, let me count the ways. Numbers one, two, and three: L'Orcio.

For some reason, we forget how amazing this place is and every time we go we're always blown away. 

Restaurant week is a great time to go because you can get three courses for about the price of an entree, which is always nice for the wallet. 

The beef carpaccio was exceptional. Fresh, shaved, and topped with an arugula salad.

We also had their escargot appetizer, not served in the typical way, and was delicious.

We ordered our toddler their gnocchi with butter and parm as he devoured it. We get it to come the same time as our appetizers because it's a big portion and it takes him a while to eat it. 


The butternut and sage ravioli was light and fluffy and the sauce was slop-it-up-with-bread-worthy. 

The veal saltambuca is truly extraordinary. Like no joke. The best dish on the menu.

For dessert, we had nutella crepes and their chocolate torte special. Both were simply amazing. 

And our son enjoyed a small dish of whipped cream, so he was happy as a clam! 

Have you ever been to L'Orcio? If not, you should totally go! 

Friday, November 9, 2018

Friday Favorites: My Go-To Wardrobe PIcks

So, lately, I tend to be drawn to some pieces on repeat. Do you get like that? Ok good, I'm not alone. 

Here's my most recent pieces I'm grabbing: 

1. Target furry mules

Laugh all you want, these shoes are ALL they're cracked up to be. And a fraction of the price of the Gucci ones. Honestly, I feel more put together when I'm wearing them, even though they look like slippers.

2. American Eagle Tomgirl jeans

These are SO far OUTSIDE of my preppy comfort zone but I don't care because they're THAT comfortable. They feel like pajamas but they're jeans. I know, hard to believe, but SO true.

3.  Gap plaid scarf

This style is new this year and Gap scarves usually itch me (I have crazy sensitive skin with fabrics) and I had been hunting for a fun tartan plaid BIG scarf, but not blanket scarf. And this one I scored during their friends and family sale for under $20. That's as good as Target, maybe even better!

4. My Rothy's, specifically my yellow ones. 

Now, if you've been around for a while, you know I'm obsessed with them. Presently I own 6 pair and am waiting for new colors to snag lucky number seven. But this pair gets worn the MOST. Not sure why, maybe yellow just makes me happy?!

5. Vivian Drew earrings

Yes, I sell Stella & Dot. But I wear ALL kinds of jewelry and accessories and these are just perfection. I have 3 different pair of earrings by her and just love them all. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Friday Favorites: Book Series for Adolescent Boys

So, my dad called earlier this week asking for what books to get for my nephew who is turning 11. Which got me thinking that I haven't shared book suggestions in a while. As a former reading teacher (and elementary and middle school teacher) I have a HUGE adoration for all kinds of books, especially children's' and adolescent literature. Mainly because one of my Master's Degrees is that very subject! 

Anyways, here's what I recommended to him. And I chose series/sets to ease gift giving. Because, well, he's a man and he's old and it's easiest for him that way! 

1. Harry Potter set

Why? Because he doesn't have it yet and every adolescent needs to whole set. 

2. Chronicles of Narnia

By far my personal favorite series as a child and I adore passing that love onto the next generation to come. There's something just perfect about this classic. 

3. Jerry Spinelli

One of my favorite adolescent literature authors. Stargirl, just fantastic. And Amazing has a set of Jerry Spinelli books so why not expose him to all he has to offer?! 

4. Percy Jackson 

What boy doesn't love Percy Jackson and a mild thriller?! 

5. Alex Rider set 

This is a new one for me as it wasn't around when I was teaching but word on the street is it's the next big deal! 

What do you recommend to adolescent boys looking for a good book?

Monday, October 29, 2018

Must Eat Monday: Vue24, Foxwoods

We have friends that live outside of Boston and they are fellow foodies. SO when we meet up for dinner, we MEET UP FOR DINNER. Ha ha. We tend to find restaurants on the nicer end of the spectrum and look for not just a dinner, but moreso a dining experience. Enter Vue24

We picked Vue24 because it had very good reviews and was classified as one of the nicest restaurants at Foxwoods and that's where we were headed to meet them. Last time, we went to David Burke Prime and it blew us away. So, we figured we'd let Vue24 blow us away too. 

It is located on the 24th floor of the Pequot Tower and has views of the surrounding area. Sadly, at night, you can't see anything out the windows because it's all woods. The decor of the restaurant is nice but when dining at a casino you must always remember, you're at a casino...

Dinner begins with fresh homemade bread topped with olive oil and sea salt. NO butter needed because this melts in your mouth before you even chew it! 

They have a very good wine list and I was happy because they had a Willamette Valley Pinot Noir by the glass, which is my favorite region for wine, so I splurged! And yes, that was quite a nice pour, right?! 

The amuse-bouche was a cream of asparagus shot and it was slightly chilled and delicious. I would've had a whole bowl of it! 

We shared three appetizers. The first was a bucatini egg yolk pasta. People. If this was a dish on their dinner menu, we ALL would've gotten a bowl of it. Delicious melt in your mouth yummy. 

Their tuna tartar was honestly nothing special. It tasted purely of lime juice and had chuncks of baby tomatoes in it so those two flavors masked the tuna. Sad. 

Foie gras. Fantastic. With some toasted brioche, a balsamic drizzle, it was the perfect proportions to kick off our dinner! 

My husband and our friend's wife both got the Veal Oscar, a giant veal chop topped with fresh crab meat served on top of seared vegetables. Yum. 

Our friend's husband got the aged ribeye and it was glorious and seared to perfection. Seriously yummy.

We shared a side of the roasted whole mushrooms and boy was I glad we did. This side dish complemented everyone's meal perfectly. 

I got the sea bass, topped with crab meat. I don't even remember what else it came with but the crab and sauce and side was lick-the-plate good while my fish was a bit dry. 

We always get dessert and this time we couldn't decide so we did four. I got the profiteroles and they were heavy. Good, but heavy. I only ate one. So sad. 

Our friends got their peach special, which was amazingly delicious, and the creme burlee which was average.

My husband got the bourbon cake dessert and needed some time to sober up after having it! Ha ha! Even I liked it and I don't like bourbon!

Why not end the night with a mirror selfie?! Have you been to Vue24 before?!