Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nobu Yummy-bu

This weekend, we went to New York City to celebrate my husband's birthday. Every year, we go out to some incredible restaurant for an incredible meal. Nobu lived up to the expectation of being above and beyond incredible. We headed to dinner and without realizing it, we kinda-sorta matched =)

I was super excited to finally get to wear my Ann Taylor metallic skirt (which this picture does it NO justice whatsoever- it sparkles beautifully) that I scored on one of their online-superior-sale-days for like $12. I was brave and actually tucked in my blouse (another awesome score from the Banana Republic outlet for $15) and put on a wide belt ($10 from the BR outlet). I tried to wear my $5 black patent pumps from Target, but after walking through the city all day, my feet were NOT feeling heels, so I stuck with my stay-true Tory Burch black patent flats instead. I wore my Juliette Gem Drop earrings and my Sloane Bangle from Stella & Dot. Frankly, I think I looked pretty gosh darn cute!

On to dinner...

First and foremost, this was a pricey dinner. We ended up, when all was said and done, at $200 a head. HOWEVER, some of you who can understand what I'm about to say. It was worth every single penny. So, without further ado, here's our dinner...

This was THE best, absolute BESTEST Lychee Martini EVER!! So yummy, I had two! I MUST learn how to make one myself =)

And Dave enjoyed some delicious Sake in the coolest Sake bottle ever!

We did the chef's tasting menu, multiple courses, not knowing what was coming out, totally the chef's choice. We are brave in not knowing what was coming out, but totally up for creativity.

Course #1...

First course was Toro Tartar (fatty tuna) in a wasabi sauce topped with caviar and a baby Japanese peach. The chef suggested we eat it with a small spoon to enjoy the tartar with the sauce! Never had it before and can't wait to have it again!

Course #2

Second course was Kumo oysters with a spicy sesame peanut sauce on top of a pea shoot salad. Melted in your mouth good.

Course #3

Third course was Yellowtail sushi with hatsomisu (hope I spelled that one right!) sauce topped with a microgreens salad. If it was socially acceptable to lick a plate, we all would've licked the plate!

Course #4. Best. Dish. EVER.

Fourth course was lobster tempura. We don't know what the sauce was or what was in it but when a table of four chatting tipsy friends stops talking for fifteen minutes to savor each and every bite, you know that it's just THAT good. Because it was. This dish is on our list of top dishes we've ever had. EVER.

Course #5

Fifth course was Nubo house specialty miso-marinted Black Cod (marinated for three days) with baby ginger topped with seared foie gras. Are yo licking your lips? Because we were!

Course #6

Sixth course was sushi (suitable, being that Nobu is a sushi restaurant!). Beautifully served, beyond delicious, and overall fresh-out-of-the-ocean-fresh (does that even make sense?!)
From left to right: Toro Tuna. Spanish Mackerel. King Salmon. Yellowtail Tuna. Red Snapper.

Course #7

Seventh, and last course was dessert- a warm chocolate souffle with white chocolate sauce and mint syrup with homemade green tea ice cream.

Overall, a memorable dining experience. Our waiter, Wilson, was incredibly helpful and entertaining. We would go back in a heartbeat. And in case you were wondering, their regular menu isn't incredibly overpriced. And in my opinion, it's worth the little extra.

And by the way, happy birthday to the bestest husband ever!!


  1. The skirt looks like its beautiful and the dinner looks delicious!

  2. Dinner was beyond delicious!! And thanks for the skirt compliments!! I love it!