Saturday, March 31, 2012

Out and About in NYC

Last weekend, my husband and I were in NYC for the weekend and I was lucky enough to get to catch up with some friends in town form all over- from Canada, Alabama, Michigan, Georgia, and more! What a treat it was.

I got to hit up my new favorite store, C-Wonder. If you have never been there or checked out their clothes, you must! But their housewares are just as fabulous! It's a little bit preppy, a little bit flirty, and a little over what I consider affordable. HOWEVER, they have fabulous sales! Wait until you see the pink blazer with black trim I picked up! Can't wait to wear it- I envision a polka-dot blouse underneath it... Now I just need to find a polka-dot blouse!

While in NYC, I wanted to be comfortable but still stylish. I mean after all, it's NYC and who doesn't want to be stylish?! It's like a constant fashion show there, with models walking down the street! So... what do you wear for a day running around NYC catching up with friends and shopping?! Here's what I did:

This is me and my good friend Robyn from Canada. One of the strongest, bravest, most amazing women I know! And no- I did not buy anything from Chanel- too far out of my price range. It was a gift from another dear friend, who also did not buy anything from Chanel, but felt the desire to make me laugh by thinking it was Chanel. Yes, I did. It was funny. But yes, I do wish there was Chanel inside!

Anyways, back to being comfortable... I wore trouser jeans, a basic staple in my wardrobe. These are from Loft. I always get more than one pair when they go on sale. These were $20. Can't beat that, right?! I wore a flowy yellow silk wide-strap tank ($15 from the BRFactory) and a cotton blazer from the JCrew outlet ($30 on sale and with a coupon). When in doubt, I always revert to my Tory Burch flats. Some simple gold sparkly earrings and my everyday-always-travel-with-it Waverly bag. Whatever I did before this bag is beyond me?! It can be a crossbody foldover, a messenger-style bag, and a foldover clutch. A dream bag, if you ask me.

So we were off for the day. And what a whirlwind day it was! C-Wonder. Central Park. Brunch at the Mondrian. Art at the Guggenheim and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Wandering the streets.

All in all, a wonderful day with friends!

When you travel, what's your go-to outfit to be comfortable yet stylish?


  1. I love the blazer...and really want a pair of TB flats!

    1. Thank you so much! I was SO grateful to the sales girl who made me try on the medium. I NEVER try on a medium, as I'm quite busty, but she said they ran really big. They were completely sold out of the large and I'm glad I tried it on- I was sold!

      And girl, you MUST get a pair of TB flats. BUT- if you want my opinion, go with her Eddie flats, not the Revas. Her Eddie flats are more like a sneaker and have more cushion. The Revas tend to "dig in" to your ankle.

      Happy shopping!!