Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Following a Dream

Throughout my life, I always, and I mean always, envisioned myself being a teacher when I grew up. SO, I went to college, and graduate school, and graduate school again, to become a teacher. And for the past twelve years, I have been a teacher. I have enjoyed it. I have grown from it. I have become a better person from it. I have learned what to be grateful for in my life form working in an urban environment and I have learned how simplistic living would be better at some points in working in a wealthy community. But over the past few years, I've lost my passion. I've lost my drive. And I've lost my yearning for teaching. What education has become, in my eyes, just isn't the same anymore.

I have four college degrees. I am certified in four different areas. I am an elementary teacher, a reading teacher, a reading consultant, and an administrator. I am no desire anymore to teach. As a reading teacher, I teach a program in a box because it is "scientifically researched". I cannot freely "teach" because there is no way to monitor the progress of my students. I have twelve years of teaching (more if I get technical) and just don't really classify myself as a teacher anymore. It's sad. But, there is a silver lining....

A year and a half ago I started a part-time gig with Stella & Dot. I was convinced to do it by my husband to make a little extra money to pay for my shopping addiction. Little did I know that this would be what I was meant to do. In barely 18 months, I have held over 60 trunk shows, met and styled more than 500 new amazing women whom I otherwise would never know, earned more than my full-time teaching job, and built a team of more than 30 incredibly strong, amazing women!

Last week, I gave my notice to my principal that I would not be returning next year to teach. I am leaving an incredible staff of teachers, wonderful students, and an incredibly prestigious district. However, I need to listen to my heart and what I want to do. I will still teach, but in a coaching manner with my team as a mentor and motivator.

I look forward to continuing to build my team, helping other women style their lives and discover what truly makes them happy!


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