Saturday, June 9, 2012

Best Friends

Do you know your best friend? How long have you known her? When I met my "best friend", we were both teachers in a school we didn't like, doing something we didn't like, and were not happy. I'm not sure if that's why we were drawn to one another, but whatever the reason, we were.

My best friend is Nicole. At my wedding three years ago, she was one of my bridesmaids. Stupidly, she was not my maid of honor. My, how things have changed. Considering, she just married the maid of honor's fiancee a few months ago.

At her wedding, not only was I her "maid of honor", but I was her only friend present. She and her now-husband wanted to elope, but did so with their parents and one close friend. I was beyond touched to be her one close friend.

Today, her husband successfully threw her a surprise party for her 30th birthday. She was surprised. Immensely. And I am terrible- and I mean TERRIBLE- at keeping secrets from her. I knew she was getting engaged and it was beyond difficult for me to keep it form her. But I did.

After manis and pedis today, we dilly-dallied around town until I was "allowed" to bring her home. We pulled up to her house, and within seconds she was teary-eyed that so many people were at her house to celebrate with her.

She is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing, incredible, and fabulous women I know. I cannot wait for our lies to flourish together and have children together. Who knows, our kids could even get married and then we'll really be related!

She is the sister I always wished I had!

Happy birthday Nicole!!

Coming to support me and my business- what a fabulous friend! 

Enjoying one of our favorite outings- wine tasting!

About to go out and celebrate!!

Nicole's weddings day- so incredibly beautiful!

More wine tasting and celebrating!

I will never forget the drama on my wedding day of Nicole and her eyes. Terrible, terrible allergies combined with pink eye and everything under the sun. The "1-2-3-open your eyes" trick didn't even work. But we'll be laughing about it and telling the story to our kids and grand kids for years to come!!

Happy birthday Nicole!! 

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  1. When I do the 1,2,3 open your eyes trick, it never works! I always look like I am in immense pain. My best friend is my sister. I just have one sister but she and I are super close. I don't have a girl friend that I am as close to.