Sunday, August 5, 2012

Happening Hoopla

About a month ago, I was headed to San Francisco for a girls weekend at Hoopla, the Stella & Dot national conference. And what a Hoopla it is!

Last year, I went by myself and met more incredible women than I ever thought even existed. I partied with 1500 stylish, successful, and inspirational women and came home exhausted and needing another vacation.

This year, I went again, but with two women on my team. We learned. We grew. We got inspired. We got motivated even more. And we bonded. The friendship that formed is like no other and I cannot wait for next year when they go back with their own teams!!

This photo, from left to right, is me with Danielle Redner, our VP of training and the "be-all-and-end-all-of-fabulousness", Karen, a new stylist of barely four months, and Tricia, a new stylist of barely six months. How happy are we? Can't you tell from this picture?!?! My cheeks still hurt from smiling!!

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