Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A New Blog, A New Look, A New 'Do'

Sometimes, as women, we like to make changes. Small changes or even big changes. A new lipstick color, a fabulous new outfit, or something to our hair. Well, I do just that. Every four years, I donate at least 12 inches of my hair to an incredible organization, Wigs For Kids. What I love about this organization is they help all sorts of children with hairloss disorders, not just those undergoing cancer treatment.

I went in, all set and ready. Smiling too! I always ALWAYS cry when I get this much hair cut, even though I know it's for an amazing cause, but for some reason, I just cry...


Curly hair went straight and it was time to cut!


After over an hour of cutting four 16-inch ponytails off, I had my new hairstyle!


And the hair went on its way to Wigs for Kids!


What do you do when you're ready to cut your hair? Do you donate? Do you ever go with a HUGE cut like I do?!


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