Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who Makes YOU Laugh?

Throughout my life, one person has always made me giggle, laugh, and smile. And not just a little laugh, but full-on, hunched over, stomach aching laughs. And that is my dad.


Say hello to my dad, Marc. He's quite the character. He's amusing, entertaining, and doesn't have a filter. Like not a single one. As in, he would tell me dirty jokes when I was 13.


Sometimes, he can be serious. But, as far as I can remember, that only happened twice in my life. So, he's got an I'm-going-to-be-serious-once-every-twenty-years-or-so average...


Like I said, the serious side doesn't come out very often =)


He loves his kids. He loves his family. And he would give them the shirt off of his back if he needed to. He brings joy into everyone's life he meets and he's just simply a gem.


Does your dad make you laugh?! If not, you can borrow mine ;-)

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