Thursday, November 20, 2014

My 28th "fix" from StitchFix

I've been a closet StitchFix addict for three years now. And it's amazing! Wondering what it is? Well, StitchFix is like having your own personal shopper who picks out five additional pieces for your wardrobe and sends them to you (surprise mail!) each month. You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and decide what to keep and what to return. It's $20 per fix and that $20 goes towards whatever you choose to keep. You can choose your budget and you complete a full style profile. Here's what I got, what I'm keeping, and why.

Saira Ankle Skinny Jeans, pricey at $168

The fit great. Like really great. But my legs are oddly proportioned. So they're snug at the top of my thighs but loose the rest of the way down. Verdict: undecided


Asher Basket Weave Wool Blend Coat, $114

I would keep it. If it buttoned. It's a fit-and-flare style and is very flattering. So sad it doesn't button across my bust. Verdict: returning


Torrence Textured Knit Sweatshirt, $68

Great style. Fun style addition. Too 'stiff' for me. Plus, it's a little short. And I'm a little short. So it's kinda cropped. Verdict: returning


Dorinda Faux Leather Detail Sweater Jacket, $68

Obsessed. Like beyond obsessed. Fits great. Fun, funky, and different. Classy with a modern twist. Love. Verdict: KEEPING!


Angela Quilted Detail Blouse, $74

A fun fuschia color, silky and flowy, cropped sleeves so I can wear a fun arm party without a problem. Best part? The shoulders! They have this quilted detail pattern that is just to die for! Verdict: KEEPING!


My apologies for the images being sideways... just tilt your head and smile =)



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