Wednesday, March 18, 2015

My Night Time Routine

What is your night time beauty routine? I'm VERY basic. Like VERY basic. At 36 years old, you'd think I'd have this insane, ridiculous skin care regimen that I'd do. Nope. I didn't wear makeup until I was 30, didn't learn how to wear eyeliner or colored lipstick until last year, and I actually didn't start "taking care of my skin" until I was about 35. Crazy, I know. BUT, I have a routine and I stick with it. Here's my night time routine. Stay tuned for my morning/every day routine!

Every night, after I brush my teeth, I wash my face with Cetaphil (from any drugstore in existence), splash some BeautyCounter Rose Water on my face, and use my night time Benefit Face Cream.

cetaphil rosewater benefit

Then, depending on how dry my skin is, I either use Ultra Repair Cream for basic normal to dry spots, usually my heels of my feet, my elbows, and random spots here and there. If it's bad, like the dead of winter, I use Bag Balm (I was raised on a farm and we used it on cow udders) on my hands and feet and put socks on then get into bed. Seriously. It works. My grandma used to do it with Vaseline!

creambag balm

When I get into bed, on my nightstand, I have this incredible lotion that I love. I've used it probably since college and the lavender smell soothes me to sleep. Bath and Body Works Lavender and Chamomile lotion, with a pump, is perfect. Just a few pumps, lather on my hands, up my arms, and on my elbows soothes me perfectly.


So tell me, what's part of your night time routine?

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