Friday, June 12, 2015

Carry On Warrior

I love to read. Just ask my husband. He always says he wishes he could read like I read. I read a lot. I have piles of books everywhere. In my office. In our family room on the coffee table. On my bedside table in our bedroom. And variety of topics too. Personal development and improvement. Professional development. Nonsensical books. Girlie books. You name it.

I have had this book, in a pile, for a few months now, and haven't picked it up yet. Until today.


Carry On, Warrior is by Glennon Doyle Melton, a recovering everything, and she's the author of Momastery. I read her blog now and then and have always thought of her as a good read.

I would bet you a million dollars I'll read this book cover to cover this weekend. I had to stop 7 pages in to simply write this post. And to tell you, go buy it. I guarantee it's going to not only be a good read, but it'll connect with you. Because 7 pages in, she's already connected with me.

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