Sunday, March 25, 2018

Barcelona, West Hartford

We hit up Barcelona in West Hartford for their Sunday brunch and allow me to apologize for the lack of pictures I took. I will do my best to describe it in detail because, well, Barcelona did NOT disappoint!

First of all, we had a VERY large group (over 20 people) and because of that, we were given the option of a flat $20 fee and the chef could just send whatever he wanted. We went with that and I'm soooo glad we did. And not to worry, it was PLENTY of food for us all!!

First and foremost, there's a Bloody Mary bar. Yup. A build-your-own-bloody-mary. With more toppings than you know what to do with. Salamis and cheeses and different olives (stuffed and not stuffed) carrot sticks and celery stalks and different spices and different add-ins plus different freshly squeezed accent juices (I went with the fresh lime!)
Seriously, I would go back just for this part.

Round 1 consisted of some blue cheese stuffed olives as well as crispy bacon, carrot sticks, salami, and cheese.

Round two was spicy! Some roasted peppers, jalapeños, celery, added spice, and bacon, because bacon makes everything better.

Some of the dishes we enjoyed were the hanger steak, bread pudding french toast, fritatta, steak and eggs, salmon Benedict, ricotta pancakes, croquettes, and meatballs. I'm pretty sure we had more but for the life of me, I got so distracted enjoying the dishes I forgot to take pictures.
I know, bad blogger.

Hanger steak comes with a truffle vinaigrette. GET THIS IF YOU GO. Best one we had. Best dish. Just delish. 

Ricotta pancakes. Light and fluffy, topped with powdered sugar and fresh berries. 

Meatballs. Smelled divine and everyone loved them. Sadly, I didn't get a bite. 

Steak and eggs. A delicious farm fresh runny egg on top of a steak hash. A little spicy with a little kick. Delish.

A few of my girls. Couldn't ask for a better group to have a special bond and connection with. 

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