Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Toddler Craft

Looking for something to occupy your toddler?! This is a good one!

Shaving cream color painting!

All you need is shaving cream, ziploc baggies, and paint. 

Take 2 paint colors (it's better with 2 colors that mix to make another color) and some shaving cream. Put them in a ziploc baggie and be sure to tape the zipper part of the bag shut to prevent explosions! 

Having more than one baggie option is a good idea in case the activity is a success and they want more! 

Then let your toddler have at it. They can squish it, pat it, bang on it, and watch the mixing magic happen as it turns into another color! 

We did some letter and number practice on top of colors and my little guy loved it. Plus, there's no mess to clean up, which is a win in my book! 

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