Monday, April 9, 2018

Must Eat Monday: Vinted, West Hartford

It's Must Eat Monday and this time we headed to WeHa. Otherwise known as West Hartford.

Have you ever been to Vinted?! The first time we went, we met up with friends for brunch and if you do, be sure you get a Bloody Mary. Because theirs are amaaaaazing. This time, a friend and I went for lunch on a random day we both had no kids and no work. #momwin

Vinted is a wine bar and their wine list is incredible. Plus, their cocktails do not disappoint. I went with a friend who is pregnant so no cocktails or wine for either of us, but I promise, they're fantastic!

Their menu makes any foodie drool. And when I sent the link to my friend, she immediately chose Vinted as our lunch date spot!

We decided to share two appetizers and two desserts (making the pregnant lunch date super happy!)

First up was the honeycrisp and buratta salad. Light a airy greens with heirloom tomatoes, a fresh honeycomb, rich buratta, and a vinagrette that we slopped up after hit the nail on the head. We were going to order the beet salad but switched last minute and are so glad we did.

The fish tacos were next/ Fried cod served on a tortilla with fresh avacado, red onion, an aioli that melted in your mouth along with fresh lime. It came with two but you can add more if you want to. We debated a second order!

The tacos came with fries and they were slightly crispy yet a little moist with a touch of salt. Perfection. 

 Then, dessert. We ordered two. First up were the beignets. Light and airy, there are twn, so perfect to share with a friend. Then the sauces. The sauces. People, these sauces. We dipped our second dessert into the sauces they were that good! A homemade caramel, warm and buttery, a refreshing strawberry, and a rich, thick chocolate sauce. Yum!

Cooke batter and milk. Yes, you're seeing that right. The cookie batter comes in whisks. Can we talk about perfect appeal to the eye?! And the belly?! Yuppers. See how good it looks? It was 1,000 times better than it looks!

Have you ever been to Vinted? I bet you're dying to go now!

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