Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mommin Ain't Easy

Do you ever stop and think that being a mom is easy? If you do or if you ever have, stop reading right here. Because we're TOTALLY on a different page.

I love love LOVE being a mom. It's all I ever wanted my entire life. If you asked me when I was three years old what I wanted to be, I always said "I wanna be a mommy." Imagine the heartbreak at 14 years old in the doctors office being told I likely would never have children. A punch in the gut is an understatement.

Fast forward 25 years and here I am today, a MOM to my two-year-old son. He is the light of my life, my little miracle, and the reason I jump up out of bed every morning. But let me tell you, mommin ain't easy. It's hard. And it's the hardest job I've ever had in my entire life.

I'm responsible for another human being. Another person. His life is literally in my hands day in and day out. And I never get to turn off. I am "on" 150% of the time. And I never get a break. Like EVER. Because I work form home part time, I truly NEVER get a break.

As much as I want to say men understand, they don't. Even the most supportive husbands mean well, but they just don't grasp it. They can go to the bathroom with the door closed and be uninterrupted for as long as they want. They can walk away and go do something, go do ANYTHING, whenever they want. Because they just assume that the mom is there to take care of things. Because we are. Because that's what we do. We take of things. We take care of ALL the things. In fact, we take care of EVERYTHING. Which brings me back to the basic statement: mommin ain't easy.

This shit is hard. And what makes it hard is we often lose a piece of ourselves. We forget to take care of US. We forget to put out oxygen mask on first because we're so worried about everyone else being ok.

Why do we do that?! Why do we put ourselves so far down the list?! We shouldn't. We should put ourselves first. Because if we aren't well taken care of, how can we take care of others?!
I actually know the answer, because I do not take care of myself and I surely don't put myself first. Or even second or third when I think about it. We do it because we can power through and make it all work. We are multi-taskers. We don't say no. We run the world. I mean seriously, just ask Beyonce, we run the world.

So, I ask you this, do you think mommin is easy?! Let's discuss!

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