Monday, July 2, 2018

Must Eat Monday: Bar Americain, Mohegan Sun

We like casinos. Not that we love gambling, but we like casinos. And we LOVE Mohegan Sun. It's classy, clean, upscale, and makes for a great night out! When we go there, we almost always hit up Bar Americain.

We have good friends that live outside Boston and Mohegan Sun is a great middle meet up spot! Plus, they love food like we love food. It's a win-win.

Steak tartar. A little bite to it and the plate was licked clean.

Potato chips with blue cheese. My husband hates blue cheese but loves this. THAT is a compliment!

I ordered the lamb chops. They were HUGE. Like bigger than my head huge.

See what I mean. Huge.

Cedar plank salmon. Hubs loved it. I'm not a salmon fan...

Manly steak. The guys LOVED their steaks.

Fried chicken. I rave and rave all about the fried chicken at Bar Americain and my friend Kyle got it this time and she totally understands me now!


Dessert! If you are able to make it to Bar Americain, PLEASE get the souffle. It's magical. I'll leave it at that so suspense builds.

Candied maple walnut profiteroles. Need I say more?!

Have you ever been to Bar Americain?! Where do you do when you're at Mohegan Sun?

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