Thursday, July 19, 2018

Rothy's Review

I am a shoe addict. It's safe to admit that. I love a good pair of shoes. I'm also picky. I like a good shoe. A shoe that is well-made. A shoe that gives support. A shoe that is stylish. A shoe that is classic yet fun.

Hello Rothy's.

I waited far too long to jump on the Rothy's train. I have 6 pair of Tieks and just live in my Tieks so had no need. But my friend has been raving about them and I finally gave in. They hype over these shoes is SO TRUE. They are made from recycled water bottles so when you get them dirty you can literally toss them in the wash and let them air dry and they're like new again. WHAT?!

They're so freaking comfortable. I've worn them for three straight days and they actually match a good chunk of my wardrobe and I'm glad I went with a pop of color! I wore them with a grey t-shirt dress, a white tee and cutoffs, and today with navy shorts and a striped tee. Best part?! They didn't even take a millisecond to break in!

They fit true to size and they actually have good support. They're stylish and comfortable and do good for the environment, so why say no?!

They have fun prints and patterns plus a good selection of neutrals. But each pair has a little something special, whether a colored sole or a stripe down the back center heel.

I went with the lemon drop color because I don't own a single pair of yellow shoes. And I am so glad I did! I"m debating the camo loafer next...

If you want to a try a pair, here's $20 off on me:

Trust me, they're SO worth it!

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