Monday, September 24, 2018

Must Eat Monday: 116 Crown, New Haven

First off, we went for a girls night here for my book club on a Thursday night. We sat in a cubby booth (as we called it) in the bar area and had mostly off of the happy hour menu because we couldn't resist the items and prices, but for the life of me I can't remember what some of them were, so my apologies in advance. If you're in the market for fun cocktails and delish apps and food, 116 Crown is the place for YOU!

My friend's face says it all, right?! Sorry, Alyssa! This is one of the specialty cocktails where they don't tell you the ingredients until after you order and it comes to your table. And yes, that's fire.

One of these was the Glitterati, and sadly I don't remember the other one. But both were so good we ordered them again! 

The deviled eggs. A MUST get!

Fish tacos special. We licked the paper for more sauce they were that good! 

Nachos special. SO good. 

Polenta special. Served with some balsamic amazingness underneath a seared and grilled polenta cake. The herb butter on top tasted great even on extra nacho chips!

Their risotto did NOT disappoint even our pickiest friend who came. A self-proclaimed risotto aficionado too! 

A cocktail with a spear of fresh English peas. I mean, who comes up with this?!

Almost too pretty to drink. Almost being the key word. We drank it.

Another special I don't remember - sorry!

Phenomenal salad, light, airy, and super fresh!

The fromage and charcuterie choices were exemplary and we had a blast devouring this board! 

And of course, dessert. Who doesn't want do-it-yourself s'mores after indulging for two hours?!

Have you been to 116 Crown in New Haven yet?! What are you waiting for??

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