Friday, July 19, 2019

Fashion Friday: Distressed Jeans

Welcome to #fashionfriday and today's item of choice: distressed jeans. This edition is brought to you by my Style Insiders group's choice. I asked my group for suggestions and this item was highly requested. 
With that being said, distressed jeans is not an item in my typical wardrobe choices. I own ONE pair, this pair. And while they are extreeeemely comfortable, they are SO FAR outside of my comfort zone I'm in Timbuktu. Ya get me?! 

So, without further ado, here's a pair of distressed denim styled 5 different ways as I would wear them. 

Outfit #1: DAY DATE

I looooove a basic. A basic tee, a basic blouse, a basic bag, just any basic. A classic, well-made basic has my name written all over it. And when you take said basic and pair it with a trendy piece (such as, distressed denim) it adds a level of sophistication to your outfit. 

And if you don't own this bag or have never seen this bag, I cannot encourage you more to look it up. It's a Nordstrom bag, ALWAYS in stock, comes in multiple colors, and, wait for it, is reversible! I have the black/camel one but almost grabbed the blush/ivory one a few years ago. It has held up beautifully and was totally worth the under $50 price tag. 

Outfit #2: ERRANDS

I won't lie. A good graphic tee goes great with any pair of shorts or pants. Now, this mama is gonna namastay in bed. 


I never met a striped tee I didn't like. Well, maybe ONE once. 

In all seriousness, a striped tee is like a white button down. A classic basic that makes every outfit appear put together. Even if it's a pair of distressed jeans and sneaks. (see what I did there?!) 

Outfit #4: THEME PARK

We have season passes to Lake Compounce. So we go a lot. Like A LOT. And while I'm all for strutting your stuff in a bathing suit all throughout an amusement park, there's no way you'll see me doing that. Clothes for me, peeps. These sandals are super comfy and you'll see me in them all summer long. And this Lush tee from Nordstrom, I have it in 4 colors. Washes and wears simply and easily and was barely $11 last year in the semi-annual sale. 

Outift #5: DATE NIGHT

OK. Real honesty here. I've never worn this together and it is WAY out of what I would normally wear on date night. BUT if I was going to wear distressed jeans out for date night, it'd be with this silky black tank. Every time I wear it, I feel GOOOOOOD. Like attractive good. Maybe because it's black. Maybe because it flatters. Maybe because it fits and flares. Who knows. But it was a steal of a find a few years back on a clearance rack at Banana for maybe $8 and I never looked back. And a pair of animal print pointy flats and we're in business. BUT... 


When coming home from said date night above, THIS is what my outfit would eventually look like within 5 minutes of walking in the door. Bye-bye cute sexy shoes and hello sandals and toss on that incredibly comfy cozy cardigan to lounge around in. SorryNotSorry.

Thanks for joining me this week! If there's an item of clothing you'd like me to style with items I already own, drop a comment below or hit me up on the gram
And, if you'd like to snag a pair of these American Eagle distressed jeans for 20% off, click here

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  1. I love these suggestions! I am going to try mine with a button down and I love the idea to pair them with a silky tank for date night. I have my eyes on the Nordstrom bag and a pair of Rothys now too!