Tuesday, August 13, 2019

CT Hidden Gem: KidCity

I have been meaning to share about KidCity for months, heck, even years at this point, and for some reason never get to it. 

Last week, I brought my 3-year-old on Monday morning (membership perk being able to go Mondays before they open to the public) and while there realized I needed to share this fab find with my fellow CT mom friends. 

KidCity is a kids museum in Middletown and is three floors. The "basement" is meant for kids 2 and under and is an underwater theme. The floor is a bit cushioned and you can't wear shoes. It's great for those who can't walk yet but also good for your smaller toddlers to crawl and climb without being knocked over by big kids. Yes, I went there. Sorry. 

The main floor and top floor both have a lot of rooms. Each room has a different theme and carries interests for all different types of kids. My son loves every single room for a different reason and while we are there almost weekly, we never go to every room on a single visit. 

My son's favorite spot in the whole place, the hand-washing station. 

Some hidden things I love about Kid City:

- Every room you go to has seating for the parents. Whether it's a bench, an actual chair, a shelf built into the wall, they make sure there's always a spot for parents to pop a squat. 

- There's quiet rooms and rooms for moms to nurse. 

- You always find something new every time you go. We have been members now for three years, we go almost weekly, and I am not exaggerating when I say every single time we go I discover something new. 

- If you're a member, you can go Monday mornings 9-11 before they open and it's less crowded. They also have a few member nights where they stay open late but know those times get crowded. 

Helpful tips about Kid City:

- You have to pay for parking either on the street or in the public lot. And note, you WILL get a ticket if you don't. Been there, done that. 

- Membership is TOTALLY worth it. 

-  Amato's Toy Store is across the shared parking lot as well as R.J.Julia's bookstore. Well worth the few steps to get there and shop a bit. 

- Main Street in Middletown has a lot of family-friendly restaurants so it's a great place to go for the day. 

- Plan to be there for a few hours. It's a lot and can be overwhelming. And don't worry if you don't get to every room. Last month I just discovered a room I never knew was there because I didn't walk down a certain hallway EVER. 

Have you ever been? Do you have any tips or tricks to share? 

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