Monday, August 19, 2019

Manners, Manners, Where Fore Art Thou Manners?!

The RSVP. Is it a lost art? Hold onto your hats people because the answer is YES.

Allow me to elaborate and explain.

RSVP is translated from the French term meaning "please respond" and is defined as "to reply to an invitation". Plain and simply, it means YES I AM COMING or NO I AM NOT. It does NOT mean I'm gong to say yes unless something better comes along. It does not mean I'm going to say maybe because I'm incapable of making a decision. It does not mean I'm going to say yes but bail on you last minute. It does not mean I can be an asshole and make the hosts wait to the last minute for a reply. It does not mean drag your tail between your legs and take forever to decide what you're going to do. It means YES or NO. Plain and simple. 

There are a variety of people in this world. Let's delve into the categories, and you can determine which you fit into.

1. Something better will come along, so I'm a maybe.

2. I can't confirm anything and am incapable of planning, so I'm a no.

3. Can't wait- I'm a yes! I'm writing it in my planner and putting it into my phone so I don't forget.

4. This sounds great- I'm a yes. But I'm noncommittal and won't likely show. Hope you'll still be my friend even though I bail all.the.time.

5. An invite?! Definitely yes! Another invite?! Definitely yes! I say yes to everything, I just wait til last minute to decide which one I'm gong to! And then I post on social media where I am instead of where I said I'd be. Grrrrr. 

I will be the first to admit that I have RSVP'd a "maybe" before. HOWEVER, I have been upfront, honest, and clear with the person hosting WHY I am a maybe and confirm that I will give them a definite response by two weeks prior. Why? Because I have manners and am considerate.

The way of the world these days has me worried for upcoming generations. Forget about handwritten notes, looking someone in the eye while having a conversation, holding the door open for the next person behind you, or even picking up the phone to talk to someone (isn't that what texting is for?!), they way of the world seems to be changing and I'm not sure I'm ready for the lack of manners and consideration that seems to be socially acceptable. 

Do you feel me? Do you see that people have no consideration for a host anymore? Or is it just this little hole I live in... I'm going to guess it's the first. 

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  1. I feel you. I'm so tired of people bailing on plans, or acting like we don't really have plans until we've reconfirmed them five times, including the day of.