Wednesday, September 11, 2019

CT Hidden Gem: Josh's Jungle

Josh's Jungle in Hamden is an amazing little playground right next to the public library in Hamden and next door to the middle school and entertaining pavilion. 

Every time we go, my son gets extra excited to say hi to the animals, especially the giraffes when we enter. Check out why we love it: 

One way in, same way out. Totally fenced in and enclosed. Mom WIN! 

It actually looks much bigger than it is, but is always keeps the kids entertained for at least an hour if not more! 

The ground is this manufactured soft cushiony material which is great because it doesn't get too hot plus it's sturdy and soft for when they fall. 

There is a water fountain, a huge perk for toddlers!, but there are not bathrooms. It is next to the library though so you can go in there (which we have). 

There's tunnels and tubes and pathways and ramps and stairs and plenty of areas to climb. It's great for all ages! 

And the nice part is it's big enough for parents to go on too and not bang their head or get stuck. 

The playground itself is made of a trex-type material so your kids won't get splinters but it does get warm. It is in direct sun for most of the day but most of the playground has tunnels or rooftops shading parts of it. 

There's also a giant field for the town's outdoor entertainment pavilion so you can bring a blanket for a picnic after you play! 

He loves it, if you can't tell by the smile! 

There's also a large section of it that is ramps and no stairs so it has handicap-accessible areas for those needing that. 

Have you ever been to Josh's Jungle before?! It truly is a hidden gem and it's easy to find!

And when you're done playing, drive around the corner and have lunch or dinner at Roost, the best chicken joint around!  

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