Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Stay Tuned!

So... if you've noticed, it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post and my last post was more of an emotional one. 

With that being said, it was also the most popular, most viewed, and most shared post in my ten-ish years of on-and-off blogging. Which shows y'all really like when people are real. Like REALLY real. 

I've been looking at my blog a lot lately and trying to figure out the point and reasoning behind why I do it and decided a little break to revamp was needed. In a world where social media is a highlight reel and people think everything they see online is real, I want to show that my life is real. And that it is far from perfect. Because, in reality, ain't no one perfect. 

Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. 
Sometimes we get dressed, sometimes we look like people of Walmart. 
Sometimes we shower daily, sometimes we stay in pajamas all day because we need to. 
Sometimes we go to therapy. 
Sometimes we cry. 
Sometimes we have date night with our significant others. Sometimes we have date night alone. Because we need both. 
Sometimes we have a glass of wine before noon because we deserve it. And need it. 
Sometimes we yell at our kids. There, I said it. 

With this all being said, my break is going to be a little more than I originally planned but more so because I want to get a better grasp of my space here and how I want to share what I want to share. Because while I've loved sharing food and fashion and fun I have realized that I am ready to share more than just that. 

So... stay tuned! 

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