Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Musical Folk: Our Music Together Experience

Living in the greater New Haven/Waterbury area, we have access to some amazing family-friendly programs. Music Together through Musical Folk is one of them. And it is the best activity we have done for our son, hands down. 

Coming up next month will be FOUR years since we began Music Together classes. We couldn't be more grateful for the impact it has had on our son's life. He is creative, thoughtful, imaginative, and simply LOVES music. He can hold a beat, he has been exposed to numerous types of musical genres and instruments, enjoys the theatre and concerts, and carries a tune better than my husband. And I accredit these characteristics to his time in Music Together program. 

We started when Ness was barely 3 months old in a Music Together babies class. As a parent of a premie, I was very skeptical of taking him out and about but this was the first program I wanted to try and I am so grateful I did. My favorite part of that class? The moms have all become very good friends AND the kids have as well. They're all turning 4 right about now and we're all celebrating their milestones together STILL four years later. Incredible.

Music Together has 9 collections and once you make it through all nine, you can continue and simply repeat. In the 4 years we've been a part of this incredible program, we have participated in 13 full sessions. We have done all 9 collections, repeated 2 of them, done 2 summer sessions (usually a "Best Of" or "Greatest Hits" collection), as well as a few short winter sessions provided by Musical Folk

Music Together is a music AND movement program. So don't you think you're going to just sit back and watch.... NO WAY! This is not a drop off program. You'll be just as involved as your kids, being a role model to them as well as the other kids in the class. And it is marvelous! Research has proven that this involvement helps your child learn and grow developmentally appropriate skills as well as creates an ideal learning environment where it is open and accepting. The children learn and grow together with their parents, other children, and teachers. 

Music is truly priceless and it bring a magic to children's faces that is truly immeasurable. Stop and take a step back in one of their classes. The kids are having FUN. They are enjoying themselves. 

And also, the PARENTS have fun too. 

It is an incredible way to have bonding time with your child as well. You learn songs to share together as well as methods to calm and soothe your little ones. We have often said our Music Together CDs are magic in the car. I know many of my friends can agree on that one too! 

Ness learned to sing and dance right along side learning to walk and talk. It doesn't matter the age of your child to enjoy and learn from this program. You can be a baby up to starting elementary school. It is truly remarkable and the impact it has on children all ages is just astonishing. 

The teachers at Musical Folk are simply THE.BEST. Each and every one of them has a unique talent that transcends into their teaching. While they all teach the same collection, they each have their unique spin and methods to come across and bond with each and every one of the children in the class. 

Spring registration is now open and the session begins the first week of April. I truly cannot recommend this program enough, regardless of how old your child is. 

Want to try out Music Together with Musical Folk in the greater New Haven area? Sign up and use code NAOMI40 to get $40 off your semester! 

Thank you to Jamie Morel for the beautiful snapshot photos of our experience! 

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