Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Trunk Club Review

I was a StitchFix addict for years. Then I converted to trunk club. And last year, with my year of not shopping, I took a break. But.... I'm BACK!

Here's the deal with trunk club. It's a Nordstrom personal shopper without ever leaving your home. In a nutshell. You can request specific styles, even specific items, and your 'personal stylist' shops for you and ships you a trunk. You can do it monthly, quarterly, yearly, or on demand. I prefer on demand because sometimes I'm hunting for certain items and it's nice to have someone else also looking on your behalf. You have to be VERY clear with what you want AND what you're willing to spend. After all, it is Nordstrom. Ya get me?! 

You fill out a style survey all about yourself - style preferences, body shape, budget, wardrobe ideals, etc. Then you schedule your trunk. Your stylist will pull items for your trunk and send you a preview. You can browse it and decide if you want to keep it or make changes to it. This is a great time to let them know specifics of what you're looking for and if they've paid attention to your preferences. For example, this time I had a new stylist because my last one left (who I LOOOOOVED) and she was trying to push expensive items on me. First of all, I don't need a leather jacket. Secondly, I don't need a $398 leather jacket. And I removed it from my trunk and elaborated why. She got my point. My stylist before my last one did NOT grasp my I-won't-spend-over-$200-on-an-article-of-clothing so I switched stylists. 

So, without further adieu, here's my trunk!

It's literally a trunk. Well, a cardboard trunk. But big perks for adorability in the packaging and shipping department. 

When you open it, everything is nicely packaged and prepared. 

Each item that is sent is individually wrapped and labeled. 

I take everything out and lay it out. It's easier for me to go thru what was sent AND it's easier for me to style it with pieces I already own easily within reach this way. 

The packing slip is itemized along with a personal note from your stylist. Each item is listed with the name, brand, color, and cost. I often write notes on mine for when I send it back. I don't know if anyone sees it but it makes me feel better. 

The trunks typically come with 10-14 items. In this trunk, I requested long sleeve white button down tops (looking for a new one), an embellished collared top, a maxi dress that fits and flares, and a pair of Birdies loafers. 

These are two of the white button down blouses she sent. The first one fit good. But was $198. Sorry but no. I barely spend that on amazing jeans. But a shirt? A hard pass. 
The second one was cute but too big, too sheer, and unnecessary. 

She obviously browsed my personal style because she tossed in a JCrew striped sweater. It was cute but too big. 

Next were these 2 maxi dresses. Both petite. Both obscenely too big and long. And not really what I was looking for. 

She also sent me a pair of sandals and three pairs of pants. I don't need pants so all of them went back as did the sandals. 

I tried on the Birdies loafers and they were too big. The smaller size down were too small. So that's a fail. 

And then there was this cutie. An embellished collared top. Not at all what I had in mind (I was thinking a chambray ruffled collar with silver jewels) but I loved it. It's short sleeves, which I actually loved, and a relatively fitted style in a thicker tee style. A total winner in my book. So she was a keeper. And everything else went back. 

The style fee for this is $25 but it goes towards anything you keep. 

I plan on doing it again next quarter for spring/summer so stay tuned to see how that one goes!

Interested in trying it out? Click here! 

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