Friday, April 17, 2020

Favorite Find: Dapple & Grey Cards

When your friend takes her love for stationery and combines it with her love for her talented sister, you get a thriving small business. dapple & grey is my new found favorite spot for the perfect greeting card. They're the same price range as snagging one at Target, Walmart, or even a Hallmark store yet they are made locally in Connecticut by two sisters and are a small business run by women. A winning combination in my book for sure! 

They truly have a knack for well placed words. 

On the back of each card there is a full explanation of the inspiration for the art used in their fonts. I love that they've taken artwork that they're inspired by, or things they've photographed themselves, and turned it into fun sayings for their greeting cards. 

dapple & grey takes custom orders and all of their cards can be found on their website. They are quick and efficient and my favorite part?! Their cards come with a classic brown envelope that has a peel-and-stick closure so you don't have to lick the envelope to seal it. I despise that taste! (You do too, you know you do. Tell me you don't think of Seinfeld and possibly dying from licking envelopes...) 

No glitter. No confetti. No sparkles. No nonsense. Just simple sentiments that truly speak from the giver to the recipient. The inside of all their cards is blank for you to open your heart and express whatever you want! 

My Style Insiders group on Facebook is doing a hand-written card challenge this month, with those participating sending out at least one hand-written card, note, or letter to someone to spread some smiles at a time when we all so desperately need it. I can't wait to see how many people we touch with just this simple gesture that has been lost for quite some time. 

If you love certain sentiments or phrases they use, they do custom prints that you can frame too. I totally am getting the "You're my lobster!" for our gallery wall in our home office. 

dapple & grey is also offering free shipping through the month of April with code STAYHOME. 

Have you checked them out yet? I highly encourage you to! 

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  1. Thank you!! We are so excited to share our work with the world.