Thursday, April 30, 2020

Mother's Day Wish List

I could entitle this a Mother's Day Gift Guide. But let's be real. I want all of these and would be ecstatic if any of these were waiting for me the morning of Mother's Day. Heck, I'd be ecstatic if any of these were waiting for me on any day that ends in Y. 

Now, my wish list is quite long and I've broken it up into categories, not by price but by category. I hope it helps you whether it's for you, your mom, your family member, or for you again. 


Lavish. This body butter cream comes in two scents, both supple and lovely. One has a citrus background to it, the other a subtle rose floral scent. It takes dry cracked skin to smooth and soft in just a few uses with results seen almost instantly. I wasn't a believer until I tried it and am now hooked. Perhaps someone will get me a lifetime supply. 

Eye Masks. Basic and soothing, helps relax and de-puff the eyes. Grab them along with some lavendar bath soak. And let her take a bath in peace and quiet 

Jo Malone. Probably the best smelling perfume I've ever laid my nose on. Does that even make sense?! Well, it does now. The fragrance lasts all day and isn't overpowering in a gives-you-a-headache kind of way but yet is substantial enough to withstand the entire day. The sampler gives you a variety of options and the bottles last a LONG time. My sampler lasted me over a year and I used a different scent every day! 

Diptique. A candle to splurge on. I won't lie. A candle used for special occasions, like a bath where you get to be alone in the peace and quiet or a time to cozy up with a good book by yourself. They are known for their fragrance as well as collectible glass containers. And they even come in a smaller set too so you can get a sampler set

Face roller. A favorite Amazon find that every woman should have. Keep in the freezer and use it to get rid of puffiness, help with tension headaches, and soothe worrisome skin too! 

Turkish Towel. This set is just spectacular. A simple set to have in your bathroom. They're from a woman-owned small business whom I simply adore. 

Mask Mates. I recently started using these and my skin has thanked me immensely. One to detox, one to glow. I switch back and forth between the two, but start with glow. Everyone loves to glow. 


Faux fur throw blanket. This warm and cozy throw has faux fur pom poms that add a little bit of luxury. And you can't beat the 70% off sale price! Snag a good chick lit book to go along with this and you've got a great Sunday afternoon gift check off your list! 

Tea set. And fun tea towels. A beautiful tea set, comes with honey, and a simple classic Boden mug. Along with some funny tea towels, it's a simple gift surely mom will love. 

New pillow and silk pillowcase. One of the top rated pillows on the market, you can add or remove foam to fit your exact needs. Plus, a silk pillowcase that helps with hair breakage, minimizes greasy hair, and helps soothe the skin on your face. 

Outdoor wine glasses. I love how the look just like real glass yet if they got knocked over onto the slate patio, they won't shatter and break. Give her a bottle (or two) of her favorite wine alongside these and you'll be a winner in her book for sure!  

Gallery Wall. Everyone loves family photos. Why not treat her to a beautiful assortment of your favorite family photos that she can put up in her home. Gold frames, white matting, and under $40 for the set can't be beat. I want it to go up in our bedroom. 

Aweigh Candles. I shared about Aweigh Candle Company a few days ago, so why not jump on the great sale she's got going on and treat yourself and the moms you know to a scent-sational treat. See what I did there? 


Soda Stream. Look, it's so basic yet something everyone wants but isn't willing to admit it. With the amount of water and seltzer we drink, it's a fun treat I'd love to have in my kitchen. And Amazon carries a basic starter package for under $70.  

Corksicle. Or a Yeti. At roughly $25 each, they are both an item every woman would love to have, regardless if they're a mom or not. The Corksicle is a to go cup for your wine. Yes. And it keeps it cold. YES. And the Yeti is the same, but for coffee. Both come in a variety of colors and both perfect for, again, ANY woman in your life. 

Indoor Herb Garden. I love fresh herbs. And I am often buying them. During the summer time, I have a full outdoor herb garden. But the possibility of being able to have a live, indoor herb garden all day warms my heart. A perfect gift for any home cook! 

Cheese board. I love how unique this is, especially for storage. And really, who doesn't love cheese?! 

Digital picture frame. Preload your favorite pictures on it and gift it. They'll thank you over and over, especially during quarantine when they can't see other people. 

Ember coffee mug. One of the coolest inventions I've ever seen. You can set your precise temperature from your smartphone for your coffee. And it stays at that temperature. Mind blown. 


A simple charm necklace. You could layer on pieces upon pieces with initials, charms, even words. Whatever you choose to do, it be unique for you or for the recipient. I love the simplicity of this on with a mixed metal dainty tag and a rose gold star both on a simple rose gold chain. 

Luxurious cardigan. Every single time I wear my Barefoot Dreams long cardigan I get asked about it. It's like a comfy cozy bathrobe that you can wear anywhere. I live in mine all year. It's like magic. And they're under $65 now which NEVER happens. 

A classic pajama set. The more you wash them, the softer they get. They start feeling lived in and only get better. 

Slippers. At under $20, AND you can monogram them, these super cozy slippers will make everyone's feet happy! 

Book of the Month membership. This was the one of the best gifts I've ever received. You get a choice of books each month and you can take any of them or pass on to the next month and skip. This is the PERFECT gift for any avid reader in your life. 

Rothy's. Every woman would love a fun, fabulous new pair of shoes in a fun color or print, that she can toss in the washing machine and always look and feel brand new. They're like Cinderella's slippers, they're that good. 

A personalized charm necklace. I love how you can truly personalize this. Kids initials, birthstones, personalized charms with dates or even your state, plus tokens of love and appreciation. 

And that, my friends, covers it! Some classic, amazing gifts surely to help you gift your mom, your sister, your friend, and everyone in between something that they'll love for years to come! 

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