Saturday, May 23, 2020

Land's End Favorites

With Memorial Day weekend here, and sales aplenty, I could share with you 157 companies and their coupon codes for a discount. But instead, I'll share my tried and true go to favorite place for well-made, well-fitting clothes. Lands End for the win. 

I'm not an affiliate or a representative for the brand. I've just worn their clothes since I was a teenager and have grown up knowing them and loving them. Plus, they just started a collab with Draper James so how can that be bad?!

You can get 50% off everything with code HOLIDAY right now! 

These are pieces I own and adore as well as pieces on their way to be to fill in gaps of my summer wardrobe. 

Lands End quality bathing suit matched with a Draper James collaboration. This screams my name. The support, the suck-in fabric, and who doesn't love a navy blue gingham print?! 

I don't like my legs and these match my new bathing suit. Cover my insecurities, and I can wear it in the water, and it's cute. Winner. 

I lost this two years ago while vacationing and I've been sad about it ever since. I finally bit the bullet and bought a replacement. It fits and flares and makes me feel like I'm actually dressed even though it's a bathing suit coverup.

I can't wait for this to arrive because I wanted a coverup that's also a top that's also sun protection. Hello winner. 

Fleece Tunic (my version of Dudley Stephens but not overpriced)

I refuse to spend $100+ on a fleece tunic top when the Lands End ones are better quality and much better price. Buy off season (like now) and get it for like $17.

Tote Bag (one of the best lifetime purchases ever, we have 4 in 4 different sizes)

We have 4 of these bags in 4 different sizes. Some zip closed, some don't. Ness has one we use as an Easter basket as well as fill it for Christmas morning. Our giant one is a greta beach bag and I love that if something spills on it we can just toss it in the washing machine. 

Tunic Dress (my go to throw on summer dress) 

I have this dress in four different colors and patterns and love it every year when I pull it out. It doesn't fade or pull or pill or stretch out. I love how it fits and that I can wear it as a beach coverup or a dress out and about. 

Toddler Swim Trunks (Ness has several pair and wear them all summer and they stay like new)

I like that the elastic doesn't loosen and stays put all summer. The patterns don't fade and they come in prints a toddler loves. 

Toddler Rash Guard (gotta keep him covered, I usually get 3-4 different trunks and 2 rash guards and just mix and match all summer)

They don't fade or shrink and hold up all summer both in the pool an din the ocean. 

When all is said and done, Land's End is one of the companies that has stood the test of time and their quality is exceptional, their customer service is fabulous, their shipping never disappoints, and I honestly will be a lifelong fan. 

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