Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Lands End Toddler Finds

Firs of all, if you aren't aware, we're BIG Lands End fans over here. Also, my son ended up in their most recent kids catalog. Isn't he cute?! So, in all honesty, that just solidifies my love for the brand. 

They have an awesome kids sale right now and I've picked up a few items for him for this upcoming school year. All pieces that he'll need whether he actually goes to school or continues distance learning. {please go to school, please go to school} 

These prices reflect using code PENCIL with pin 5678 

This is only available in 2T-3T-4T but we had this last year and it washed well, held up well, and didn't fade. For barely $20 it's a winning pick in my book. We went up to a 4T for the fall (he's still in a 2T in almost all clothes)

We go outside a lot.  Regardless of weather. So staying warm is a BIG deal. We've done tubing and this year Ness is going to learn how to ski. Long underwear is a must have for us for under his ski suit. For $12, this is a steal! We also chose the stripe pattern because it looks the least like pajamas for when he's walking around the lodge at the mountain. 

I went up 2 sizes in these (to a regular boy size) because he always wears a shirt under them and sometimes two depending on if he dresses himself. LOL. They come in great color options and they're $8 each. That's a better price than what you'd snag at Walmart or Target and 1000 times better quality. 

This is his winter coat. It's thin enough to be fine in the car seat yet thick enough to keep him warm. $19 right now. INSANE deal. Especially because it's usually $60. 

I let him pick out his backpack (he picked out his first one two years ago) and I can't believe he needs a medium size one! Where did my baby go?! {I'm not crying, not crying one bit} These are half price right now, sneaking in under $20 each. He picked navy blue with his name embroidered in yellow and a rainbow lunchbox. Kid loves those rainbows I tell ya. 

Do you start to school shop over summer during sales or do you procrastinate like my husband does?! 

One of the reasons I love shopping Lands End is their customer service and warranty. If your kid breaks the zipper, they replace it. If you accidentally wash it with bleach, they replace it. If your kid gets in tug-o-war with your dog and rips it, they replace it. Not that I  know from past experiences. Seriously, customer service takes a company FAR in my book. 

Are you a Lands End fan yet? 

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