Sunday, July 12, 2020

My Favorite Denim Shorts

I recently posted on Instagram and asked how many pairs of denim shorts people owned. The number of requests for my go to pairs was bonkers. 

So. per request, here's my favorite pairs I own, how they fit, and cost comparison. 

Always wait for a sale with JCrew. These range from $25 to $50 depending on the sale JCrew is having whatever day of the week it is. 
These are advertised as a rolled cuff pair of shorts and I unroll them. I just like the longer length. There's mild stretch to them and they have held the stand of time as they're my go to shorts multiple days a week and still feel the same as the day I bought them a few years ago. 

$60ish. Wait for a sale and snag yourself a pair. I paid $40 for them last year on sale. I would honestly buy these in every color if they made them in multiple colors. They're high waisted too. And suck you in too. I mean, does it get better than that?!

Under $20. NO stretch. Sustainable material. Well made. Sturdy. GREAT mom shorts. And the price can't be beat. 

ALWAYS wait for a sale with JCrew. Every other say there's a sale. Full price they're $49. I think I paid $19.50 for them on a sale. They are drawstring so you can wear them in all kinds of days. Skinny days, fat days, average days, any day that ends in Y really. 

$40ish. My "mom shorts". Literally, they're called the "mom shorts". There's very little stretch to them and they come up high and have a good length to them. They also are the only pair of distressed shorts I own. When I bought these, I had flashbacks to being in the mall when I was 14 going from American Eagle across the way to Abercrombie. Then I realized I was 40. Ha ha. 

Can usually snag them on sale for $25-35. My only pair of white denim shorts. And I love them. Structure. THICK (I can wear black underwear and you can't tell). A longer than most inseam and high-waisted. 

When I asked about denim shorts, the average answer was 0 or 1 pair. So... apparently I like denim shorts compared to the average person! 

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