Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Our Family Masks

In the age of a global pandemic, going out involves a new accessory: masks. 

Here's the ones we've been wearing in our family and what we think of them, how they fit, and links to find them for your own family too. 

First up are masks for Ness. He's four, but small for four. 

He has a few masks, all from different companies because we were trying them out. 

These animal masks are from Cubcoats and they come in a set of two. They are rather big for toddlers and actually don't fit his face. They aren't adjustable and the straps are pretty big on him so he'll use these when he gets a bit bigger. Good for 5 and up I think, even though their site says good for 4 and up. 

Ness' go to mask is from a small company called JackTarTogs. We actually have matching ones. It really helped us out when we were starting to get him used to wearing them since he loves to match what we're wearing. Plus, it's reversible. We actually ordered a few more from them because they're his favorite to wear so far. They're $6 each with free shipping. Can't beat that price honestly. And supporting a small, woman-owned business too!

And to give you a size comparison, this is the difference between the Cubcoats, the JackTarTogs, and some toddler ones we ordered from the Disney store (which I don't recommend - they run small and shrink in the wash)

We also ordered this 'school pack' from Crayola but they don't ship until August. It's a set of 5 for $30 and comes with a laundry bag. Each mask symbolizes a day of the week, which I like. Plus, they're adjustable and the kids can pick the pattern pack they like the best. 

Masks for Mom 

Now, I will admit, I began with the thought I'd have one and be fine. This too shall pass. Welp. I was wrong and have welcomed the new accessory I'm going to be wearing for a while. So, I've got a few options for myself. 

First off, I snagged a 5-pack from Old Navy in a variety of patterns to complement my outfits. Don't deny, you've thought of doing it too. They've got a ton of colors and patterns to choose from and the pack is only $12.50 (no promotional coupons can be used on them, FYI)

I also got a cute Lilly Pulitzer one off of Etsy that I LOVE. It was $10 ($8 for a kids one) and a few dollars for shipping. Best part, it arrived in only 3 days. 

My favorite mask is from Rhoback. I have two different gingham patterned ones, one blue and white and one blue and red. They have a variety of patterns but there's a pocket for a filter, an adjustable nose piece, and the straps behind your ears are adjustable as well. It is bigger than my other ones and first took some adjusting (my glasses fog wearing this one) but I feel the most secure in it, if that makes sense. 

Masks for Dad

Dave has one 5-pack of basic black masks he wears. We got them from Nordstrom and they're great for him. Simple and easy, as most men should be. Lol. They're $30 for a pack of 5 with free shipping. 

With this newfound daily accessory, I hope these give you a starting point for ones that will work for you and your family. 

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