Friday, September 25, 2020

Fashion Friday: Transitioning Shorts For Fall

Fashion Friday is BACK!! In all honesty, I missed doing this over the past months. Last summer and well into fall, I did this every week and it was so fun really diving deep into my closet and being more creative with clothes I already own. 

I've been trying to lead with intention with my closet, steering away from trendy and patterns and sticking with tried and true classic pieces in neutral colorways so it's easy to mix and match what I already own and create new looks without feeling the need to constantly buy new. 

I always keep a pair of shorts in my closet when I switch out my closet form summer to fall because there's always those warmer days when jeans and joggers are just, well, too much. 

These Madewell shorts have been my go to summer pair so they'll stay in my closet all year. 

So, I've got 5 different ways to style a pair of denim cutoff shorts for fall. All are pretty much a casual style because, well, that's the extent of my 2020 wardrobe. As it 99% of people right now too.

If you know me, you know my love for button-down shirts runs deep. This affordable one from Old navy is a go to piece. I went up two sizes for an oversized feel and so I could tie it at my waist like I did here. Sometimes going up in a size makes for a new look in a piece of clothing. Try it some time! 

I've never really been into a long duster cardigan with shorts before but I'm starting to get on board this trend. I think it just adds a little more polish to a could-be-sloppy look. Yes? No? Maybe?

This sweater has been a favorite through summer and now into the start of fall. It's light enough to wear on it's own yet enough weight to it to wear over a button down for a layered look without being bulky. AND it's on sale for almost half price! 

This is one of those it-looks-good-on-other-people outfits that I didn't want to try. I'm glad I did. I LOVE it. You'll likely see me in it this weekend, just FYI. I also want to wear it with white jeans. I just think it'll be a bit more glamorous, if that makes sense. White on white on ivory on camel. Just... luxurious. 

I recently stepped out of my box and tried mixing patterns. It was a big hit in both in my Facebook style group as well as on Instagram. So, this was another attempt at print mixing. And I like it! 

Welcome back to Fashion Friday! I've missed this. I hope you have too. Let me know any suggestions or ideas you have for future items to style multiple ways. 

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