Monday, September 21, 2020

FitBits for the Family

I recently received a request for my personal review of FitBits for the family. Ones we have had and used and why we have liked them or not liked them. 

FitBit Charge

This is the most similar to the ones we started out with, which they don't make anymore (we were old school ha ha). It did what we needed (heart rate, sleep monitor, connected to your phone for texts, the basics) and was worth the simple first time investment to see if we wanted the next level up or an AppleWatch or just not use it. My husband still has his from 4 years ago and loves it.  

You can got one here for roughly $125 on Amazon or here for the same price at Best Buy.

FitBit Blaze

This is what I had when I upgraded and loved it. It was fantastic. Held a charge for a few days at a time, connected to my phone for messages AND calls, had a bigger screen so I could track more, and I just overall liked it better than my first. 

You can get one here for about $250 on Amazon or here for the same price at Target. 

FitBit Versa

This is partway between the two I've owned and has the same vibe as the Blaze as it looks like a SmartWatch. Everyone I know who has this loves it. 

You can get one here for $125 on Amazon. 

If you want to be a baller, you can get an AppleWatch here. I love mine but in all honesty, it's very similar to the upscale FitBits above, just with that's on your phone is also on your watch. They start at $199 and you can get it without cellular to save a small fortune as long as your phone is relatively near you (within 20-30 feet roughly) or with cellular you can pretty much never carry your phone and be fine. My favorite thing about the AppleWatch is that I can make or receive a call on it, which the FitFits don't do. I can also reply to text messages easily with this. 

I hope this overview helps you with your FitBit choices. 

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