Saturday, October 3, 2020

CT Hidden Gem: Fair Weather Acres

Every year, for four years now, we have brought our son to Fair Weather Acres. It is an annual fall experience for us and we absolutely love it. This year, with COVID-19, everything is different. Businesses have closed, businesses have had to modify, some have done a great job while others are struggling. Fair Weather Acres, I must say, has gone above and beyond and the experience this year was actually my favorite by far. 

In a normal year, there can be thousands of people there, waiting in line, waiting for activities, picking pumpkins, in the maze, everywhere. There's just always people everywhere. And a lot of people. This year, they have made it so you buy tickets ahead of time for a time block and you have just that block of time. You can go at 9am, 12pm, or 3pm and stay for 2 hours and 45 minutes. They have everyone leave, do a deep clean, then reopen for the next group. You have to wear a mask at all times. Yes, it's outside, but rules and rules and should be followed. We have no issue with it and did not see a single other family with an issue. They only let 225 people in at a time, so that roughly equates in my mind to about 100 families. For the ENTIRE place. That's amazing actually. 

In our time block, we were able to do every single activity more than once and our son, who's favorite spot is the corn pit (can you blame him?!) was able to do that 4 times. They only let 35 people in at a time, you have to wear your mask while in there, and you have a 10 minute time block. It was awesome. So if you want to go more than once, just climb out and get back in line! 

There are so many activities. Giant tire climbing, corn pit, scarecrow hunt, train ride, animal area, giant jumping pillow, tractor driving, giant tunnel slides, corn maze, hay bale climbing, hay bale maze, pumpkin picking, and I'm sure more but I just can't remember every single one. It is well worth the entry fee, and more! 

I seriously cannot encourage this enough for you and your family while you can still get in. It's under $20 per person AND you get a pumpkin. The staff is so nice and friendly, everything is crazy clean, there's hand sanitizer everywhere, and it's just fun for everyone. Also, they have several food trucks and their very own cider donuts so you can eat lunch or dinner there too! 

This was last year, in 2019, and as you can see, we love it every year! 

And in 2018 too! 

Have you been yet? I can't wait to hear how much you and your family love it too! 

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