Saturday, November 14, 2020

NayNay's Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! 

Now this might seem like a lot, as it has seemed like A LOT to me while putting it together over the last few weeks, but I tried to section it out to make it easier for you to browse. Here's my 2020 Holiday Gift Guide!


$100 Probably the sweetest gift idea. It's a small wooden box with a screen inside and a heart on the exterior. When you have a message, the heart spins. The modern take on the love note. 

$130 A "smart mug" that has an app to help keep your beverage hot for as long as you want. Million dollar idea I wish was mine. Has been on my wishlist for a few years now. 

$100 A portable phone charger, laptop charger, car jumping contraption all in one. Apparently whenever someone receives this as a gift they claim its the gift they never knew they needed. 

$25 A stemless wine glass that keeps your wine cold even longer. And the unicorn color is a must for any gal in your life. 

$50 for 3 months. Do you know an avid reader? This is the gift for them. They can pick and choose their own books (and add on if they want) for 3 months. Fabulous quality hardcover books of the hottest books of the moment. Plus the link gives you $10 off!

$15 The top 100 most iconic movies of all times. Scratch off each one once you've seen it. Perfect for any movie buff you know. Or a great family gift to start a movie night tradition. 

$16 Pick your favorite city and snag this etched glass of your favorite city, complete with a grid of the city and city's name. 

$20 Stick them in the microwave before putting them on for some added warmth. 

$50+ Etsy for the win. How fabulous to have a custom painting of your home, whether it's your first home or forever home. We have 2 of these (our first and forever) and they hang in our family room. A perfect sentimental gift. 

$48 for two. Do you or someone you know lose their keys? Remote? Mind? It won't happen again with this! 

Great gift for a family that's spread out. Start with the gift recipient in the center and surround it with loved ones' locations. A map of hearts that's truly touching. OR take your favorite places your family has traveled together and forma  heart of those maps.


$119, on sale from $199. Doesn't every teenager want to put something on their ears to block out the world? I mean, I did when I was a teenager... 

$20 While it might not seem like a fun holiday gift, it's a great tool for teens and adults to have on hand. A simple alarm keychain as a precaution for those situations none of us want to be in. Comes in a set of 6. 

$100 Hello great gift idea! Let your teenager become his or her very own DJ! Simply connect it to this smartphone and they can mix and remix their own beats! 

$50 We have this and LUUUV it. Deep tissue or soft and gentle, this took massages your neck, back, and shoulders. Even has a car charging port to use in the car. 

$40 This clips onto anything, a backpack, a bike, you name it. They can use it inside, outside, wherever they want. 

$40 Does your teen like games? This will surely be a huge hit for them as your entire family! The most popular game to play in our household for game night as well as when we have friends over. Start them young with the junior edition too.

$40 All 8 movies in one collectors box. While I know you can pretty much stream every movie via Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, I think there's something special about a classic boxed set. 


$195 (on sale from $249) The be-all-end-all headphones everyone wants. 

$65 Yours, mine, and ours. Doesn't get more amusing than that. Ha ha. 

$32 A set of two beer glasses to keep in the freezer so he can always have that ice cold beer like at the bar when going to the bar isn't feasible. 

$25 A 3-in-1 charging station for your phone, air pods, and smart watch. 

$100 or $279 Depending on what your guy wants or needs, a SmartWatch and fitness tracker can earn you bonus points throughout the new year! 

$40 Take your wedding song, his favorite song, or a song that means a lot to him and have it made on a faux record to frame. A perfect gift for any music lover!

$100 My husband swears by his and we've given it as a gift numerous times. If your guy doesn't have one yet, snag this baby while you can. It's pliers, screwdriver, pocketknife, and more. 

$89 I bought these for my husband for his 30th and he's now 42. Still has them. Still awesome. Worth every penny. 


$80 Yeah, it's pricey. It goes on sale sometimes. But it's worth it. One of those gifts they can grow with and add on additional games and features. 

$129 NOW, this one is not for BIG KIDS. This is for kids 10 and under. Snag one and keep it in your basement or even on your porch to occupy the kids all winter and even all year! 

$17 (on sale, usually $24) These are a go to for keeping busy, for when the power goes out, for road trips or even just time in traffic. We keep a few in the car, a few at home, and they get used A LOT. 

$175+ Again, a pricey purchase, but it converts to a full size bed so it's great for company or sleepovers without buying furniture! Super fun and cozy and good for kids of all sizes, not just littles.

$120 For kids older than 7, this scooter lets them zoom around, but not TOO fast, without having to pedal. Where were these when we were kids?! 

$70 For the younger kids, this has been the most used outdoor toy in our home. 

$53 Set of 100 from Picasso Tiles (same as MagnaTiles but half the price) to keep kids of all ages happy and entertained. We first got them for my son when he was 2 and watching his creativity grow to now (he's almost 5) and loves them just as much as when he first got them! 

$13 Everyone needs a 1984 toy in their life in 2020. 

$30 & $12 This kit is HUGE and has 1500 pieces in it. PLENTY for any kid, or kids. Plus, this book gives guides for building basics with any Lego set. LOVE this, it's under our tree for my son. 

$79 (on sale from $199) A huge hit for kids and a fun find for under the tree. 

Whew! That was a lot but I hope it helps you and your holiday shopping!

And in case you didn't know, I make a small commission when you shop off of the links above. Thank you for supporting my little fun side gig and keeping me addicted to shopping deals for you!

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