Saturday, October 16, 2021

CT Hidden Gem: Townline Farm, Woodbridge

When we find a hidden gem, we can't help but shout it from the rooftops. Townline Farm in Woodbridge is just that, a pure hidden gem. 

We stumbled upon it this past weekend and not only were we in love, but also lucky we got them at a time in the day where they weren't crowded so we could find out so much about the farm. 

Cristian bought the 90-acre farm earlier this year. It is directly on the Woodbridge-Derby line. In fact, the line goes directly through his property. He even put up a cute little sign to let you know exactly where it is. 

They have a cute little spread of pumpkins. They're already picked so it's not a go-out-into-the-field-and-pick-your-own. Plus, a cute sign for the kids never hurt either. 

The corn maze was a HUGE hit for us. There are so many corn mazes out there these days and we find a lot of them are challenging with small kids. Honestly, the last thing I want to do is get lost in a corn maze with frustrated kids for over an hour. This one took us 25 minutes. There are 6 trivia questions in the maze and a map that is pretty easy to follow. 
Fair warning: if you give the map to your 5-year-old you'll likely get lost. Ha! 

There's also a cute hidden photo opportunity inside the corn maze!

Our favorite part was the tractor ride. Cristian takes you on a tractor ride and gives you a tour of the property, He tells you all about the plans of the property as well. So far this year they have had a fruit and vegetable garden, wildflower garden, the corn maze and pumpkins. His goal is to build up the farm to be a pork and beef supplier to the local community. This has been his lifelong dream. With his passion and drive, you'd never know he's in his early 20s! 

His property is stunning and it's being turned back into a fully functioning farm. He's cleared land to make an area for the cattle as well as pigs. He's also cleared land and started the plans for their barn. He also has trees prepped to make his own maple syrup! Be sure you and your family count the trees to see if you find them all on your ride! 

Be sure you bring your family to check it out. And definitely listen to Cristian tell the history of the property. It's incredibly fascinating. He's only the third owner in the 350 year history of the property. There's a path through his property where the soldiers came through on horseback during the revolution. It's educational yet also fascinating. Our 5-year-old actually enjoyed listening to him tell us all about it. THAT says a LOT! 

We can't wait to see all of his plans and dreams come to fruition. 

Did you really do a corn maze if you don't take a selfie in it?! 

Let me know what you think of Townline Farm after you visit. It truly is a hidden gem of Connecticut! 

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