Sunday, October 30, 2011

Welcome to NayNayKnows

Got questions? I've got answers!

Every day, I have lunch with my favorite co-workers. And I mean favorite. I have very little interaction with adults during the day (side effect of being a teacher) so our barely 25-minute lunch is a highlight of the day. Three of my favorite lunchtime companions, Megan, Kathy, and Jess, have always asked me a ton of questions. And I mean a TON. Sometimes, their questions are simple. Sometimes, their questions are complicated. But, I always do whatever I can to answer them. Ranging from food to fashion to love to life to school to dreams and beyond.

They have said that I should start a blog that answers not only their questions, but the questions of others.

Which brings me to you today. They have been known to say, "Ask NayNay because NayNay knows" and that is how this blog has come to be. I am looking forward to see where it goes and what y'all think of it. But it will be basically this: Ask a question and I will answer it. You name it. And I'll answer it. Why? Because NayNay Knows!

Ask away- I can't wait to help (and entertain, of course!)


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