Friday, November 4, 2011

Yoga, Go or No?

Dear NayNay,

Can I wear yoga pants to work? They're SO comfortable and it's just difficult to get dressed in the morning!

Comfortably Yours,

Dear Kathy,

In short.... yes. HOWEVER, do NOT wear yoga pants to work with a t-shirt and your running shoes! It's all about how you make it appear. If someone thinks you're wearing workout wear, and it looks like you're wearing workout wear, then guess what... you're wearing workout wear. It's all about how you make it appear. Dress it up! No- not sequins and high heels, but something simple and easily stylish- like a tunic or a button-down with a tank underneath.

I remember complimenting my friend Nicole at work one day about how nice she looked- and she was wearing black yoga pants! She had on a cute patterned, flowy top and black ballet flats, but yes- she was wearing yoga pants!

Be sure if you are going to wear them not only out of the house, but to work (and ONLY if you work in a casual work environment), that they are clean, fresh, and stylish. What do I mean? Simply put- not grimey, no stains, no holes, no sweat marks, no elastic around the ankles, no stripe down the side, and a solid color (as in- no bleach stains!) The best kind to wear would be wide-leg, to-the-floor black yoga pants. Oh yeah- and no panty lines either! Yuck!

Old Navy has some great ones for $16.50 too! You can't beat that price and they're super comfy!

So, Kathy, the next time you wear yoga pants to work, let me know what you wear with them and how it goes!


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