Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kitchen Aid... oh yeah!

Dear NayNay,
My husband would LOVE a Kitchen Aid mixer for a holiday present. What type should I get him and where should I go to get the best deal? I love him, but don't want to spend too much. Like not much at all...
Help me help him,
Mama Minette

Dear Mama Minette,

First of all, I am SO impressed that you have made it this long without a KitchenAid mixer! Once you get it, you will wonder the same thing! It is, without a doubt, the best appliance to have in your kitchen (well, aside from a dishwasher, in my opinion!). It's so many things in one and it's TOTALLY worth the investment! My mother has my grandmother's KitchenAid and still uses it, it stills works great, and she has had it for more than 20 years since my grandmother gave it to her! Which makes it easily more than 35 years old. Now that's impressive!

OK, back to what kind to get.... Well, first and foremost, how big do you want to go? KitchenAids start at 4.5 quarts and go up to 7 quarts. Then you can get into the professional series and go even bigger. My advice? Go for the 5-quart standard size. You can use it to make a simple btach of cookies, two loaves of bread, sauces, and more! There's so many choices, you can get totally overwhelmed. Wait a minute... that's why I'm answering your question!

So, you want to get the 5-quart KitchenAid mixer. Choose your color. Since it's for your husband, I'd stay away from the red sparkly one or the pink one. Either stay simple and classic with the white or go modern and cool with black or silver. Some of them come in more than 10 colors, but you can determine how unique you want to be. If his favorite color is blue, why not spoil him? He deserves it, right?!

So, you've got size and color determined. Now let's get to price.

KitchenAid's website has the 5-quart 500 Series for $350. No discounts available there. And it includes your basic three-piece attachments (mixer/wire whip, a dough kneader, and a flat beater, plus a splashguard/pouring attachment). Be sure whatever mixer you do get includes these pieces!

Bed Bath and Beyond has the 5-quart 500 Series for $350 as well- exact same model, same through-and-through, but you can use a 20% off coupon there, making it $280. Nice extra deal there!

Kohl's has the same one for $389 on "sale" for $350. Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky...

Best deal for you? Surprise! It's Amazon!

Amazon has the exact KitchenAid mixer you want, in your choice of colors, with FREE delivery (now that is HUGE!), for $237.29. Now that, Mama Minette, is what I call a deal! $237.29, what a bargain!

Now, in return for me finding you the best deal, I will be expecting some sort of delicious treat, wrapped beautifully, tatsing great, delivered to me for the holidays. Just kidding!

Here's to wishing your husband a BIG smile when he opens his box and finds this under the tree on Christmas morning!

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