Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Operation Organization: The Linen Closet

Today, I tackled our linen closet. I am an organizer. It's what I do. HOWEVER, the linen closet is the death of me. It had turned into this dark hole where things just get thrown into and aren't seen again. I've been saying for weeks (scratch that... make that MONTHS) that I'm going to empty it out and organize ti to be functional. Well, oh happy day has come and after almost four hours, we have an organized, functional linen closet, all sorted and ready for optimal use.

Here's how my day went...

IMG_4259 IMG_4260 IMG_4258

This is the before. I kid you knot. Have you seen my office?! Have you seen my master closet?! Have you seen my kitchen cabinets and pantry?! I kid you not, I am an organized person. But everyone has that black hole. Remember the closet Monica had on Friends? The one no one ever opened and then that one episode they opened it?! Yep- this is THAT closet for me. Ugh. So, it's now out in the open. This was my downfall and the thorn in my side.

Tackle time.

Step #1: Empty the closet.

IMG_4261 IMG_4262

Yep. I totally emptied it. Seriously, it's one of the deepest closets I've ever seen. One day when we do a home remodel or have a weekend of nothing to do, I want to redo the shelving in it. It is, and I kid you not, plywood painted white. Super simple, very basic, but not the best wood, some parts are warped, but you know what, it works!

Step #2: Sort what was in the closet.

(at this point I was VERY grateful that we have an empty room in our house because it made for easy sorting!)




I sorted into piles. Very basic and easy. Pillowcases. Queen sheets. King sheets. Blankets. Towels. Beach towels. Hand towels. Washcloths. Rags. Comforters.

I also had a GIANT box full of table ware (placemats, napkins, table runners, tablecloths, etc) that I wanted to put in the linen closet so that box was in the hallway.

Step #3: Put everything away




I started by putting things back in sections. I sorted through what I had in each pile and now have two HUGE boxes of donations to bring to Goodwill.

The Final Product:


From the bottom up, here's how I sorted things. The bottom is the floor. All clean and shined before reassembly!

Left basket: Ribbon (I have a LOT of ribbon- I even have a ribbon scrap box in my office!)

Center: Comforters (all four are king size)

Right basket: Kitchen hand towels (easy to access now)

IMG_4276 IMG_4277

Bottom shelf (from left to right) is all table ware. We truly love to entertain and I will say, the bulk of what is being donated is napkins and placemats.

Left: Tablecloths (front pile is all white, back is colors and patterns)

Left middle: Napkins (there's three piles- a front pile of the ones we use often and a back two piles of holiday napkins and special occasions)

Right middle: Table runners

Right: Placemats



Middle shelf is towels and sheets for the spare bedroom (my office). This was very easy BUT incredibly eye-opening of how many towels we truly have. We had almost 20 beach towels. Granted, we have a pool so we need a lot, but WHOA.

Left is sheets for the queen bed and extra pillowcases for when I want a change of things on our bed. Next to that is hand towels and a basket of washcloths. Then we have two pile of towels (white basic towels are up front and the back pile behind that is our bath sheets). The final area on that shelf is beach towel- two stacks, one behind the other.


Our second to highest shelf is housing our blankets and sheets. The left pile is three different sheet sets for our master bedroom. I put the fitted and flat sheet plus the pillowcases inside of a pillowcase so it can all stay together. Found that idea on another blog. Super smart. The other three piles are blankets- throws, picnicing, for the bed, you name it. I need to part with some. We don't need that many, but I want to put two in each car (we have a dog) and then I'll figure out which ones to part with.


Lastly, the top shelf. I put the pillows up there. I only kept four extras for when we have company that sleep on our foldout couch or our family room couch. The others few are being donated. The two boxes in the center are rags- one for small, one for big. Both labeled.

IMG_4281 IMG_4283

And here's the final product. While yes, it took me a chunk of the day to do, it was totally worth it. I am now going to reward myself with a nap!


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