Sunday, March 29, 2015

Top 5 Must Haves from LUSH

I love Lush. I do. Everyone should. Hopefully, you have one near you. Or even better, have a friend who works there to supply your addiction!

Here's my top 5 picks of what you MUST get form Lush.

#1 Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars (a 2-for-1)

bath blomb

So many scents, so little time. I prefer the Comforter bubble bar or the Sex Bomb or Twilight bath bomb. You can break them into chunks to make them last longer, which is nice. The scents last a long time, sometimes longer than the hot water in your bath! While they seem a bit pricey, the relaxation that comes from your bath will be worth every penny.

#2 Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter

lemon flutter

Hands down, one of the most amazing cuticle creams on the planet. I use Essie cuticle oil in the morning and this is on my coffee table. I use it every night and not only are my cuticles getting better, but the smell is just incredible.

#3 Mint Julips Lip Scrub

mint julip

After the shower, when my entire face is clean and freshly exfoliated, I use this and immediately follow it with Aquaphor! It exfoliates, tastes amazing, clears the sinuses a bit, and you simply lick off the extra!

#4 Buffy Bar


The best invention EVER. No joke. Use this in the shower and it replaces lotion! Leaves skin smooth and fresh and clean! Get the tin to store it so it lasts longer!

#5 Ocean Salt Scrub

ocean salt

While you can use this on your body, I prefer it just on my face. Twice, sometimes three times a week. Tastes salty when it gets in your mouth, but leaves your skin so fresh and so clean


What do you love from Lush?


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