Friday, March 27, 2015

Shower Basics

My everyday routine MUST begin with a morning shower. And my shower basics I get at Ulta as well as Lush.

I presently use Paul Mitchell's Lavendar Mint shampoo and conditioner every day. Because I have crazy curly hair, I don't wash my hair every day- I wash it every other day. I use conditioner the days in between. Just conditioner.


My favorite soap right now is from the Body Shop and it's Argon Oil. It smells clean, fresh, and doesn't really linger. I find most soaps smell like food or beverages or leave a funky lingering scent. I just like to smell clean and this does it for me.

pouf soap

I presently use Neutrogena to wash my face. I switch facial cleansers often but am using this now because the dermatologist suggested it as the best to buy from the drugstore.

face wash

A few times a week, I use Ocean Salt from Lush for some exfoliation. I like it, but beware- don't get it in your mouth, it tastes like salt water!

ocean salt

What are your daily shower basics?


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