Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Haul

OK. I was one of "those" people. You know the ones, the ones outside Target at the ass-crack of dawn, in line, in the cold, to get their hands on the Lilly Pulitzer collection that was being released at Target. Well, let me tell you the disappointment that has ensued from it.

I was 14th in line. The first four women in the doors ran in and took all of the clothes on the teeny tiny rack. And checked out immediately. Clothes were gone. I then turned left to the accessories section. Again, the next four people took it all and checked out. What?! Well, there was still the back section where housewares was. I was not. I repeat, I WAS NOT going to be one of "those people" running through Target to get what I wanted. I still had my dignity. Kinda. Well, I got to the back, and there was SOME housewares left. I scored two packs of napkins, the glasses, bowls, and a shirt someone had dropped on the floor. In and out of Target in less than 10 minutes spending roughly $100. A typical Target trip, right?! WRONG! I lost faith in people that day.

But the days that ensued after were insane. The ebay mark ups. The posts on Facebook. Just ridiculous. I had a "friend" who bought out her store and then posted on her FB page that she had extras, made a FB group, and jacked up prices- even for her friends! I was appalled! The nerve!

Thankfully, I have friends near and far who fed my addiction and scored some pieces that day as well as over the past week since returns have been happening. Here's what I've got, what I'm keeping, and what I'm returning.

Boom Boom Dress


I am awaiting the arrival of this beauty from a friend who snagged it in Virginia. Can. Not. WAIT! This was #1 on my list!!

Set of 4 Bowls


A friend scored these for me yesterday at her Target. Dishwasher safe, super fun, and will make our patio tablescape for backyard barbeques this summer even cuter!

Boom Boom Chair


The same friend who scored me the bowls scored me the chair yesterday. I "might" have gotten teary-eyed when she texted me!

Set of 4 Tumblers


These are glass, dishwasher safe, and honestly, look oh-so-cute on my bar cart! I'm debating moving them to my sun porch...

Boom Boom Jumpsuit

green jumpsuit

Tears occurred when this arrived and was just too big. This was top on my list and I simply couldn't justify taking it to a tailor to alter. Sadness. Total sadness.

Nosey Posey Maxi


This is en route from another friend in Virginia and I can't wait! The strapless jumpsuit would have been great on my if I wasn't so short so I'm excited for the maxi dress. Perfect for a backyard garden party. Cuz we all have those, right?!

Set of 4 Napkins


I felt a little bad getting two sets because of the little stock my store had but I pushed that aside. How fun are these?! The pom poms on the end are super cute. Heavy fabric, good quality, and adorable!

Nosey Posey Button Down

nosey posey

I was honestly disappointed in the fabric of this. Very sheer, very light, and not like the other pieces I got. I actually swapped it with a friend in Orlando. I feel like I'm spending a small fortune on shipping!


orange tunic

I scored this orange tunic plus the blue one online and am keeping the blue one and a friend is taking this orange one. They ran big. Like really big. Super fun, very summery, and good quality (for Target)

Blue Upstream Pants


Felt as though I hit the jackpot today when I got a message that a friend had these for me. Jackpot!!!

Set of 4 Plates


Between my tumblers, bowls, and napkins, my table this summer is going to be the cutest!! And the fact they're all dishwasher safe is heavenly!!

Yellow Romper


LOVED this! A little big on me but no biggie. Super comfy, will be great for running around this summer. The quality is a bit light but it'll just need to be ironed often!

Pink Shift Dress


A friend in California snagged me this shift dress as well as three beach towels. I'm totally ready for summer!!

Blue Upstream Jumpsuit


I wish this fit. Like REALLY wish it fit. Back to Target it goes...

All in all, I got a lot. Like A LOT. But, I love Lilly Pulitzer and the housewares were my favorite part. It was an adventure and quite time consuming. BUT.... worth it!

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