Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day for the Not-Yet-Mother

Today is likely my least favorite day of the year. One day, it will be my favorite. But it's the most painful day of the year. When you struggle with infertility for the majority of your life, certain moments and celebrations have an impact on you. Mother's Day is top of the list, followed closely by pregnancy announcements, baby birthday parties, baby showers, and baby bump posts on Facebook.

Don't get me wrong, I am SO happy for my friends and others who have been blessed with the ability to have a child. But for those, like me, struggling daily with making a lifelong dream come true, it hurts.


Mother's Day is celebrated in so many different ways. And it causes a tinge of pain for others as well. Those who've lost a mother, lost a child, or simply want to have a child that hasn't happened yet.

I simply wish each and every person, no matter how this day impacts you, that you can relish the fact that you are happy, healthy, and tomorrow is a new day!


And for those mothers out there, you know who you are, the superheros, my cape is hanging in my closet too. I'm just a mother to a four-legged child.


Sending you all much love and many hugs!

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