Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Best Tee

We're always on the hunt for the perfect tee. Not too sheer, not too slouchy, not too fitted, but JUST RIGHT. Here'a a few of my go to favorites right now.

Target: A New Day Tee

This tee is super light weight and ridiculously affordable. I mean right now it's only $5, so why not get one in every color. If your toddler gets paint on it, who cares?! It's cheaper than a Starbucks!

Madwell: Whisper Tee

I will admit it. It took me until last year to learn what Madewell was. What took me so long and boy was I missing out! What I love is that Nordstrom carries Madewell now, not just Madewell stores. This tee is comfy, cozy, a bit of slouch, and it has this feel to it that's almost like pajamas. Who doesn't love pajamas?!

Old Navy: Luxe Hem Tee

Old navy for the win, yet again. These tees have a curved hem so there's no need to tuck in. The cover the pooch perfectly and yet still show enough booty without showing allll the booty.

JCrew: The Perfect Stripe

When in doubt, and you want/need/must have a striped shirt, JCrew never fails. Their crewneck striped shirts are just the right size stripe and have just the right placement of the stripes to be flattering on everyone. I swear. This coming from a busty gal.

Where do you find your favorite tees?! I'm always on the lookout for a good tee so please share your finds!

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