Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Hidden Gem of a Park!

Do you ever google something and hope you'll find exactly what you're looking for?! Well, that was me this week. I googled (and yes, "google" is verb now) for parks with big playgrounds and found this hidden gem! Mill Pond Park in Newington. If you have kids or know someone with kids, I cannot recommend it enough!

They have two rather large playscapes, including one for younger kids and one for 5 and up. But the 5 and up one doesn't have "large" steps so smaller kids can use it with supervision. I say this even though my son slipped on one of the stairs and bonked his head. 

The bigger playscape (for big kids) has long ramps and is great for kids to have easy access to go all the way up to the top without climbing ladders or stairs, which is nice when you're also bringing toddlers to the park. 

This was my favorite part, a tandem swing. An adult sits on the bench swing and the baby/toddler/small child sits in the bucket swing and you can swing together. I couldn't get enough of this. Hands down my favorite part of this park! 

It was evident this is a gem in town when several mom groups showed up before and after a library class and we were no longer the only ones there! There's a great walking trail plus a beautiful waterfall with a bridge that overlooks it. Even though the park is not fenced in, from a parent's perspective, there's great lines of vision for you to see all areas and your child be safe. 

My son was in heaven with the giant sandbox. And when I say giant, I mean GIANT. Tons of trucks and sand toys, it's every little boy's dream come true. A word of advice: bring a change of clothes and shake allll the sand out before you get into your car! 

Have you ever been to Mill Pond Park in Newington? I feel like we hit the jackpot, only wish it was closer to our house! 

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