Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cooking Class at Middlebury Consignment

For Valentine's Day, I got my husband a cooking class at Middlebury Consignment. I struggled with which class to pick but went with the "bacon bacon bacon" theme because, well, it's bacon.

Aren't we cute?! All kidding aside, it was really fun getting dressed (like REALLY dressed) and going out for a fun night doing something different. Plus, I didn't have to do a lot of the work of the cleaning, so that's a win for me! Our chef was incredibly energetic and very informative throughout the night. And we learned a LOT about bacon!

The cooking class was different than what I expected. We were all seated in the dining room to meet one another (you know that awkward phase of getting to know strangers) then brought into the kitchen. Dream kitchen I might add! Each dish had it's own station and almost all of the prepwork was done ahead of time for us. 

We all had a station to do a certain component of a dish or components of a few dishes. I wish that we made everything so we could actually KNOW how to make it in the future, but we were given a packet of recipes at the end so that'll help. Plus we chatted at the table about what worked and what didn't based on who made what. 

We met a lot of super fun people, including a mom with her three daughters who do this often. Teresa Dufour who's on CT Style, a husband and wife who drive across the state for it, and coworkers who did this as a holiday gift. And enjoying the meal we created together was actually a lot of fun! 

Our meal consisted of tempura bacon with a corn salad and chipotle aioli, fresh papardelle with bacon, cannelloni beans, and broccoli rabe, stuffed chicken breasts with risotto, and a maple bacon chocolate cake with homemade bacon ice cream. Yeah, it didn't suck. 

Overall, this was a fun experience to do. While it wasn't exactly what I was expecting, it turned out to be a fun night and I recommend giving it a try! 

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