Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My Favorite Target Brands

Target. The be all and end all mecca for women. Especially moms.

Target has a few collections that have launched recently and I am really liking certain pieces from each line. Here's my thoughts - and I'd love to hear yours!

A New Day

This brand is my new go to brand for basics. A simple tee, a pair of cutoff shorts, a pair of slip on mules. They truly have covered all bases for this brand. The quality is good and the wear over time seems to hold up. I also like that I am my usual size so I can grab an item while there running a quick errand and 9 times out of 10 it'll fit. 

Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. And shoes. This shoe brand I loooooove. They are affordable and well made and trendy and stylish and cute. I have a pair of booties that I live in almost daily, a pair of wedges that are my summer go-to shoes, a pair of espadrilles that I get constant compliments on, and mules that are fantastic!

Universal Thread  

I think I am one of the few people who just doesn't like this brand. I tried on several items (a dress, tops, jeans) and nothing worked for me. It felt a bit cheap and just itchy. While I understand it's an affordable brand and they cut costs to make it affordable, it just is not as well made as the other Target brands. At least in my opinion.

Who What Wear

I have tried several items from the Who What Wear line and I have found most of them run big. Like at least one full size big. While I like being able to buy a smaller than usual size, it's hard when shopping the brand online. The quality is good, better than the regular Target brands, and I like the preppy-professional feel of it. 

The Target apparel section. I always get sucked in. Because, well, it's only X amount of money, so why not try it?! They get me every time. How about you?

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