Monday, April 23, 2018

Must Eat Monday: The Granola Bar, Westport

Must Eat Monday: The Granola Bar is a perfect place for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. Everything on the menu is healthy and just makes you feel good about eating it. Plus, it's kid-friendly which is a big perk for me with a toddler!

I usually hit up The Granola Bar when I drive down to Westport to visit Around The Rosy, an upscale kids consignment store.

A nutella latte. How can you NOT get that when you see it on the menu?!

My friend got a hot chocolate and sadly, it wasn't hot, but still delicious! 

Sweet potato ricotta pancakes. They're supple and yummy and light and just delicious. 

Plus, they're toddler approved!

I am personally obsessed with avocado toast and they have several options on their menu as well as a list of additional toppings. We stuck with the basic one with feta and red pepper flakes. Just perfect. 

The crunchy Elvis parfait. I mean, it's something Elvis would have eaten so we should have too, right?! Their signature yogurt with honey, granola, almond butter, and fresh bananas. Delicious and hit the spot as the perfect balance with avocado toast.

The Granola Bar is also quite affordable and reasonably priced which is hard to say for Westport!

Have you been here yet?!

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