Sunday, April 22, 2018

The Art of Getting Old

I blog. I share things I like and thing I love. I wouldn't classify myself as a blogger. I feel as though bloggers have to have a certain lifestyle or goal/dream of "making it big". I don't have that. Like, at ALL. I enjoy my blogging community and have made some good friends through it. And whenever I gather together with my fellow bloggers, I feel moderately out of place. And maybe sharing my thoughts about it will make me an actual outcast, instead of feeling like one, but at my age and place in my life, it's just how I feel. And frankly, if I feel this way, I'm sure others do as well. Blogging is a way to share but in this day and age, it's also a huge market to make buck.

I don't understand millennials. 

Yes, I understand who they are. I do. But I don't UNDERSTAND them. I feel as though there are so many in that generation who feel as though things should be handed to them on a silver platter. That they don't have to work. That they can magically become a blogger and get paid for their opinions. That they can utilize social media and not get a "real job". It could be that they're being given a bad name, yes, I get that. But more often than not, I struggle with that generation thinking things need to be easy and have a sense of instant gratification. In al honesty, millennials make me feel old and out of touch.

I don't understand social media. 

Next time you're out at a restaurant, look at the people around you. How many of them are on their phones? How many are making a Boomerang video of them "cheers"ing (and doing it 14 times til it looks 'just right') or how many are out with their family or friends and are checking Facebook/Instagram/Twitter instead of enjoying those around them?! When did social media become such a strong presence in our lives?! We see these people with thousands of followers and think how great their life is. But is their life REALLY that great?! Or do they just make it out to seem that great?! Social media is the platform to present the life that you want others to believe you have, not the life you actually have.

I don't understand the need to be perfect. 

When I scroll through Instagram feeds, I wonder if their life is as happy and clean as it's made out to be. I wonder how much they edit their photos so it appears perfect. I wonder what they're trying to sell and if it appeals to me. Then I stop and look at mine. My feed isn't necessarily "appealing", but what it is... it's ME. It's me life. It's my my family. It's my friends. It's my life. Totally UNfiltered too.

The new way of the world makes me feel old and out of place. But when I stop and take a breath, I wouldn't want to be any other place. I like me and I hope y'all like me too.

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